about them.

I mean, they're really the stars of the show. 
I can't even tell you how much my heart is bursting with love for these kiddos lately. I think they're just the absolute coolest humans on earth. 
Here are some reasons why. 

- Elias' new favorite game goes like this: you and he sit opposite of one another on a couch and throw a ball back and forth. When you throw the ball, you get to ask the other person a question. Here are his favorites, "what is your favorite food?" "what was your favorite thing you did today?" and "what's your favorite thing to do in charleston?"
- Lately, his biggest struggle is bossiness. Which is unfortunately, very tempting to laugh at and also very discouraging because he sounds JUST LIKE ME when he's bossing other people around. 
- He calls bicycles, "motorcycles". 
- Today at the park we found a wounded butterfly and he and I sat with that thing for about five minutes. Just watching it, worrying about it together, trying to encouraged it to fly and finally praying for it. 
- He's turned the corner into the world of big-boy/Daddy wrestling. When they "tickle fight" MMA style, I am sure I'm going to hear a bone crack. 
- Don't adjust your computer screen, he's that frightening handsome. 

- the big word right now for Glor is complex. She's loving and the next minute feisty. She'll give her right arm to make Benja smile and then she'll punch him in the face two seconds later when he doesn't give him back quick enough. We know every night putting her to bed that she'll refuse to give Nick kisses, but as soon as we shut the door she'll cry her eyes out needing some cuddles from Daddy. 
- She doesn't really nap anymore. Which is actually just ok. She sometimes lays quietly in her crib for an hour or two, hopping out and in to get something she wants. 
- She's a freakishly healthy eater. Raw sweet potatoes, cucumbers, kidney beans, rice cakes. It's kind of silly. 
- Logistics are REALLY, REALLY important to her. She needs to know where we're going, who's car we're taking, where Daddy will be in the whole equation, and if I've remembered my wallet. Literally, from the backseat I often hear, "Mommy - you got your wallet?! Mommy - you got your water?!"
- I love her. I love her so much sometimes I think my fingernails will explode.

- benja, benja, benja. our little prince. 
- When he says little two word sentences like, "fall down!" or "more pwease!", we all stare and clap for him like he just solved world hunger. The kids are worse than me. Well, except for Nick, he loves Benja but he's over the never-ending baby stage. He tells Benja to get a job a few times a day. 
- Resting and relaxing are Benjamin's two favorite sports. If he sees a pillow, he lays down. If he sees a blanket, he'll ball it up into a pillow and lay down. A chair, he'll climb up into it and just settle back. 
- his dream day consists of hours upon end of Nick and I playing fetch with him. 
- We kind of thought he'd "thin out" when he started walking. yeahhhh, not so much. We prefer the term husky and thankfully we are very fond of baby rolls. Mommy rolls, not so much. Baby rolls are yes, very good. 

That's what the Connolly kids are up to. 
Precious, crazy, wild little sweeties. 

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