day 1 raffle, the hogans!

To catch you up to speed: 
- My handsome husband is planting a church. 
- Our family is in the process of moving to Charlestown - a neighborhood in Boston, MA that we believe is in big need of a church. 
- We have a long 33 page church planting plan, but our main plan is to move to Charlestown, settle in for (hopefully) the rest of our lives, and build a community that is centered on the gospel. Check out more here - Gospel Community
- This is (hopefully) our last big public fundraising drive, and our prayer is that we'll be able to raise the money needed to move our family and belongings and get set up in the city to start building community, working, and loving our neighbors. We're so thankful (thankful doesn't begin to say it) for the support of people wide & far - financial support means a lot, but your prayers mean so much more.

Here's how it works: 
- We have some super talented and giving friends who have donated services, items, and gifts for us to raffle off in an effort to raise support. 
- You donate $10 per "raffle ticket" and we'll use an electronic online picker to pick a winner of each item! You can donate to Gospel Community using the paypal button on the side of the my blog or on the Gospel Community website. 
- For each $10 you get one entry. Donate $20, get 2 entries! $100, 10 entires! 
- For a one free entry per raffle item (limit one), facebook or tweet about the fundraiser!
- Please leave a comment naming how many entries you qualify for and which item you want!
- There will be new items up each day, but all items will stay open for raffle until Monday 10/25. 

Now, to start off - 
we've got a sweet sweet deal for you.

Jared Hogan, an incredibly talented, accomplished, and lovely friend of ours is a professional video/media master. This is a video he made of his sweet and beautiful four month old delight, Winnie. He's donated a short day-in-the-life film so that one of you EXTREMELY lucky raffle winners can have a forever documented beautiful memory like the one shown. Now this prize has a small limitation in that you have to be in or get to the Charlotte, NC area to take advantage of it - but seriously it's a deal. Donate $10 for an entry and get a short film by a professional videographer, valued at $1200
*to be clear, this is for a non-special occasion film. no weddings, births, etc.

happy 4 months, winnie! from jared hogan on Vimeo.

Don't get bummed out if you're not in Charlotte. 
I've got something else for you on this first day of the fundraiser! 
Jared's beautiful wife (and Winnie's mama!), Maria - is making some beautiful handmade goodies and crafts. So the second raffle item of the day is a precious handmade baby headband, valued at $20. (Also, modeled by the talented Winn) 
*to be clear - you do not win the actual cute baby in this photo. bummers. 

So, two wonderful goodies to get today!
1) beautiful short family film by the talented Jared Hogan or 
2) beautiful baby headband (which truth be told, I'd totally steal from my baby) by the lovely Maria Hogan. 

Donate. Comment. Pick your goodies. Tell your friends.
let the raffle begin!