one last push, want to help?

Much, much, more thanks to the bleaders (blog readers - natch), family, and friends who've been so patient to hear about Boston and our church and fundraising over and over and over again. It kinda seems like the end (THE BEGINNING, REALLY!) is in sight. We're almost there. We're almost where we'll (hopefully) spend the rest of our lives ministering, loving, serving, and meeting our people. 

So here is my final effort as the wife to make a fundraising push. All next week, God (and my kids-returning-to-a-normal-sleep-schedule-so-I-can-function) willing, I'll be hosting some raffle-ish giveaways on the blog. It will work like this - I show you a stellarly amazing item, service, or gift that's been donated and in turn you donate $10/per chance to win said item. And when you run out of things you see on the blog that you just can't live without, you send the link to the masses for them to raffle their little hearts out. Doesn't that sound FUN!? 

And this is a little last minute plea - do you have anything you want to donate? A stellar service or gift you'd want to donate to Gospel Community Church? We'd be more than thankful and we'd love to hear from you this weekend. Thanks ya'll!

Get excited ya'll! 
Benja sure is!
Contact me ( or 
Lauren Hogan ( for more details!