catching up.

Well, I haven't been normal blogging since I was so busy hosting the little Gospel Community raffle on the old blog these past few weeks! Also, we were very busy doing all of this. 

I went to a bachelorette's weekend and it was glorious. Lots of women, talking, coffee, the beach, and celebrating my sweet bride bff, Steph.

Before I could leave, this is what it looks like when my kids say goodbye.

When we got back, we went to Wilmington and Shelby to hang out with extended family.

Went to children's play place that had a grocery store for kids and Glory played for HOURS. Solidifying the fact that she's my daughter.

Benja enjoyed the trains forever. And we decided to cut his hair.

This is Benja's cousin - Hallie, who he is actually in love with. I'm pretty sure she held him for about 50 hours straight. And can you blame him?!

More proof.

We had Pop in town for a week! YAYAYAYAYA!

Elias' cousin Jake knows a LOT about football. His daddy is a football coach, so he taught Elias how to tackle.

It was super fun. Maybe not for Aunt Sandy, sorry Sandy! 

AGH! HALLOWEEN! So much fun! This is Elias, our transformer! He had no idea what a Transformer was, but he reaaaaally wanted to be one. Whenever anyone asked him about his costume, he'd walk over to me and whisper, "ummm... you tell me, mom?"

Benja, benja, baby Ninja! Did NOT like his headband! 

But he did like a little pre-trick or treating sucker to get him hyped up.

Transformer. Snow White. Baby Ninja.
My three faves.

We had an AMAZING halloween. 

Regular programming to resumed tomorrow. 
Thank you for looking at my gazillions of pictures:) 
How was YOUR halloween?!

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