Is it Thanksgiving yet?!

Seriously, is it Thanksgiving yet?!
Nick and I had a stellar date last night (frozen yogurt, coffee, & downtown Columbia) thanks to some sweet friends (Miss Sissy, Margaret Ruth, & Mr. Wright) and our kids woke up just plum tuckered out from their night of fun. So, since they were sweetly exhausted, they rested a bit as we had time to have a follow up breakfast date. If you find yourself having time to have a mini-date over breakfast, you should definitely do a little pregame for Thanksgiving, amen?
And so I give you......

mini breakfast date vegan pumpkin french toast
I should firstly mention that this recipe doesn't HAVE to be vegan,
 mine just was since I don't eat dairy and I'm out of eggs. 

5 pieces of wheat bread
1.5 cup almond milk
.5 cup pumpkin puree
1 mashed banana
splash of vanilla

- blend all wet ingredients & spices in mixer, blender, or individual smoothie maker 
- coat bread slices in mixture
- in medium/high temp skillet, sear french toast in a little bit of butter or olive oil
- if you're not using eggs, you'll need to bake the french toast to get it crispy. If you are using eggs, just go about finishing it as normal!
- sprinkle with flax seed, peanut butter, bananas, berries, or nuts and ENJOY.

happy pre-thanksgiving ya'll. 
ps: Thanks everyone for your encouraging comments, emails, facebook messages, phone calls and text messages:) about yesterdays post. It would be a great joy if being vulnerable on a place on the internet would lead others to be encouraged and to sincerely cry out to Jesus on their worst days or on their best. I'll gladly keep getting a little gravel on my knees and writing about it for that.