a night at the park and some jambled thoughts

Jambled? Is it a word. Blogger says no. 
I can't decide if I like writing in this font. 
Or that one. 

Today and yesterday, I've really missed the northwest. 
I was rereading my blog from this time last year and my heart was aching. Remember those twenty kid playdates, ya'll? Mare - do you remember that time you dropped by my house with blue nail polish? Kelly, Kalle, & Annie - this is around the same time we were planning our goodbye dates with Kalle & Shawn. And then, we had that fun group dinner night.  Lauren, remember when we went for coffee and then naturally just did some of our grocery shopping together afterwards? I miss walks in our neighborhood with my kids. All three of them bundled up, and me jamming our massive stroller up and down the streets of Bellevue. I miss having quiet mornings in Michelle's backyard with coffee and our playmates from upstairs. I really miss Kim and Cole and Liz and Lexi and Marcy and Janel and all their kids. What great FRIENDS. 

I miss going to see Twilight with ya'll and I miss seeing you at church. I miss praying with you and playing with you and going thrift shopping with you. 

Anyhow, tonight we went to this stellar park in Charleston. 
It's a park underneath the massive beautiful bridge and it's our favorite to go to, because it's big and beautiful and Glory never escapes. But tonight, we were the only freaks there because it was so cold. "Cold". Hmph. My little native northwesterners didn't bat their eyelashes at the weather. 

And it made me miss you all a little less. 

sorry for the poopy iphone pics.

jackets? who needs jackets? elias is a real man! 
(he really needed his jacket)

I know, I know. I have no business being a 26 year old mom of three who still doesn't wear makeup to the park. I have no business.

That handsome prince, my friends, is my SON - Benja! With freshly shorn locks of gold. 

I still miss you guys. You pretty green trees. You misty nonstop rain. 
But I'm feeling a little bit better. 
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