Little Women.

I’m a reader. If I could, I’d read all day long. My daytime pre-mommy fantasies include hours and hours alone at Starbucks with books piled up beside me. I like cookbooks, commentaries, magazines, blogs, fiction, nonfiction, bible studies, you name it – I just like to read. Since long gone are the days where I can spend hours reading, I got into the habit of picking a fiction book and taking a few months to read it, and tackling five or six pages a night before I utterly pass out. One night back in October, I found an old copy of Little Women and dug in. It took about a hundred pages to get sucked in, but eventually I did and I’ll tell you what – over this past weekend, I got some serious joy from putting the kids to bed, curling up in a massive comfy blanket and sitting by the fire polishing off Little Women. It’s the best of all worlds – incredibly good writing, strong feminine story line, beautiful gospel narrative, with some nice prose snuck in along the way.

So, here’s my first Christmas gift to you, blog world.
I’ll send my broken in, coffee stained, crinkled pages Little Women to someone in exchange for the promise that they eventually send it on to someone else. And if you can for goodness sake, try to read it at night, by a fire – surrounded by Christmas decorations.
Leave a comment if you’d like it and I’ll draw one at random!
Happy Reading! 
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