weird vegin food & quiznos

Do you remember back when I had a food blog
Turns out I can't write two blogs at once. So now I think I'll just write about food here. 
One of my fave parts about having a food blog, was having one with the word "quinoa" in the title. People were constantly asking about it and mispronouncing it which I am ALL ABOUT. Hunkle Josh, my BIL constantly called it my "quiznos blog". Let's never take food seriously, ok? Let's mispronounce it and laugh about it always. 

(sidebar: Did ya'll know I'm basically a vegan? I mean, I don't like to talk about it because I don't think we should take food very seriously and if you serve me meat sauce with cheese on top at your house I'll eat it for sure, but in general - I eat no meat or dairy on normal days. Anyhow, awhile ago I heard someone pronounce vegan, "vegin" and now I insist on only saying it that way. Because, it's just cute, amen?)

Anyhow, I bounce back and forth between feeding Nick and the kids hearty (yet healthy) southern comforty, cowboyish, classic americana dishes made with good ingredient and feeding them all out kooky weirdo vegin food. Monday I made chicken and dumplings. Healthy chicken and dumplings, but pee-your-pants-they're-so-tasty-chicken-and-dumplings. Tonight, I made quinoa-loaf. Like meatloaf, but with quinoa. I won't get on my high horse about quinoa, but you should really eat it. Just ask Martha.

Anyhow, here is my guide to some good old weirdo (and yet AWESOME) quinoa-loaf. 
I adapted my recipe from this one

Start with some simple cooked quinoa. Does that look nutritious or what?! 
I always make a little extra and use it everywhere else during the week. In place of oatmeal, in salads, straight out the bowl before a run? Yes, please. 

Then, get your usual suspects. What veggies do you have right now? 
I had tomatoes & zucchinis. Yes, I just had to google how to spell zucchini. 
Saute up your veggies - try eggplant or mushrooms or get crazy with some onions and garlic! 
In that cup on the counter is pureed white beans, 1/2 cup of water, and 3/4 cup of dry oats. 

After sauteing your veggies, sprinkle them with your favorite spices. 
I went with chili powder, dried parsley, salt & pepper. 
Assemble all ingredients! Yep, this is it! 
Quinoa, bean mixture, and veggies! We're ready to go! 

For the sake of full disclosure, you should know - if I'm serving weird vegin food, I think it's nice to do it in the shadow of some yeasty fresh homemade white bread.
Vegin white bread, but white bread nonetheless.

And voila! Hour and a half at 375. 
Oh, and I put a little ketchup on top of mine just for a throwback to actual real meatloaf. 
It didn't hurt. 

Personally, I'd like to eat this again for breakfast. 
Nick sighed, said, "I mean - it's good. But I REALLY like meatloaf". 
The kids gobbled it up. 
If you're feeling crunchy or daring, give it a whirl:) 

Love you friends, hope you're having a sweet little thursday.