where in the world are the connollys?!?!

HERE. We're right here! 
And we're settled. Not quite in Boston, but not too far either. 

The short story is, about a month ago - we started asking each other and asking the Lord what it would be like to take a breather. To take a period of six months or more or less, or who knows how long, and keep fundraising towards planting a church in Boston- but live a normal life in the midst of it. What if we planted our family in a church body, in a community of friends, and kept walking towards the same goal - but not in the same nomadic way we had been. Would that work? We sort of gave ourselves a few days in a city we had on our hearts to see if it worked out, and the Lord just sort of blew us away. In a matter of days, He provided a great job for Nick and a great little house of us to live in - in Columbia, SC - the city where we went to college. 

So we're here! 
We don't have the interwebs at our house just yet, but this is probably a good thing since I'm spending much much time explaining to our children that this is OUR house, and we won't leave in two weeks. :) I'm also spending much time trying to fix it up and decorate it in an inexpensive, temporary sort of sense - so I'll keep you updated on that. And of course, there will be a great deal of writing in this little season of rest. I'm putting my big girl cleaning gloves on and rustling around the muck in my heart during this rest season. I want to get to Boston in fighting condition, rested and ready to stand with my husband. In the meantime, I will be blogging about the joys of Columbia and the sweet sense of breathing deeply and calmly for the first time in a while.