2010 in (quick) review

(littered into this post are some random pics from throughout the year)

I just read my “2010 planning” document. Woosh, I’m exhausted.

Anytime you write five pages about what you’re planning to do, who you’re planning to be – you should maybe just plan on disappointing yourself.

just some photobooth fun with the kiddos in early january. Kimmy B gave me those earrings and I love them. 
best night of my life? going away party/girls night with Twilight board games, hot tubs,  and pot de cremes.
There’s lots more I could say about those five pages, about how if I’d known the year I was up against – my only goal would’ve been to hold on. Hold fast. I could tell you about how I prayed that the second half of Isaiah 32:15-19 would be true for this year, but in reality – the Lord purposed this year to look like Isaiah 32:9-14. But there isn’t a ton of reason to talk about those things except to say, that year is over and the Spirit of the Lord is being poured out and thankfully verses fifteen through nineteen come next.

kids going away party. double tear.
one of my last cuddles with glor before moving

My favorite new years posts from other bloggers have recapped their goals from the past year and their success or lack of success with them, while also detailing their goals and plans for the coming year. I won’t bore you with the five page detailed mulit-bullet point list I made last January, I just tell you – it’s complicated. Too many minute tasks and vague resolves without action steps. My main resolution for this year is to simplify. The Lord. Our family.  His world.

thanksgiving in Charleston. right around when the "spirit started pouring out"

But here are some updates from last years plan.
Read the whole bible.  Didn’t complete. But I feel hopeful for this year!
Memorize pertinent verses. Did complete! Truthcards helped, also helped the kids memorize a ton of scripture.
Reach a certain goal weight. I had totally forgotten about this number. I just found it when I opened the word document and was pleasantly surprised that I reached the number.
Begin taking vitamins.  Oops.
Grow more natural in food choices. When I read this out loud, Nick may have rolled his eyes. This is one goal he might wish I hadn’t met.
Sleep 8 hours a night. 
No way. Fail. Big fail.

Rise at 6am to prepare my house & heart. Yes! The Lord really helped me to exceed this goal.
Complete p90x. I don’t’ think I ever finished p90x, but I did discover running – which I love 60000 times more.
Stop drinking coffee after noon. Mostly accomplished.
Stop using artificial sweeteners. Don’t want to talk about it. Though, I did accidentally put apple juice in my coffee and it was delicious.
Learn to share Nick’s burdens better. Nick said this has improved, but I’d love to keep growing in this way.
Give Nick time away.  Big fail. I’ve definitely gotten used to parenting on my own when needed, but I’m horrible at forcing Nick out the door when he needs to recharge.
the beach! it will be so good to go to the beach when it gets warm here again! You know, in like two weeks. 
baby Asher!

That was about 1/5 of my massive list from last year but I am thankful for the things the Lord has grown and done and the ways I’ve changed. And I certainly feel spurred on to the things that still need growth. 
Mothers Day Ferry ride to Whidbey Island. Favorite ever.

But! Examination over! Here comes hope!
Tomorrow, I’ll post my simple and clear-cut goals for 2011.
I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited for a year.

Big things ahead. Big simple, beautiful things ahead.