home improvements

I wanted to show you my new favorite things in the House of Rest. 
If you're new here, or just forget - here is the very short backstory. 
Our family used to live in Seattle (but we're from the south). We moved from Seattle in July with the intention to plant a church in Boston. We decided to make an undetermined-amount-of-time-pitstop in the South to have a season of rest & healing for our family. We're still moving to Boston and still planting a church. 
But for now, we live in this sweet little house of rest that God provided. 

Remember that beautiful table my father in law made? Here's how we're decorating it these days. 

My favorite piece of this ensemble: 
Our sweet friends Lauren & Troy made this for us. On their recent trip to Boston, they scouted out all the letters in our name from special signs & places in the city. We love it. We love talking to the kids about Boston at dinner and pointing at different places on the picture. 

Some other updates.
Since January is a big birthday month for us (Daddy & Elias), we're in full on paper-decoration-mode. Beginning with paper chains. 

And a homemade happy birthday pennant banner. 

Our new window to the wall, complete with mementos. 

Some of my fave tidbits. Elias & Glory pick from our backyard out west. 
Cuddling at Steph's wedding. 

I like this tidbit too. And her half monster face. 

And of course, this one too. It should be known, I'm also a big fan of their big brother - but he was too busy playing baseball to stand still. 

Suddenly, my profession home decor photo shoot turned 
into a professional wrestling exposition.
It happens.

But then I noticed, I like the view of the birthday pennant better from the floor. 

We're getting there in the area of decor!
It feels more homey each day! 
What's new in your home? 

Also, a follow-up to yesterday's post: After publishing that little essay on the shot, I received more than ten emails from women struggling. Women in pain or having a hard time or just struggling through things and needing to cry out a little. So a) of all - if I haven't emailed you back, I will. I seriously care, I'm just working my way through. b) I'm so thankful the Lord is using some of what I'm walking though, learning to be able to use my voice and cry out to the One who helps, to spur on other women to do the same thing. I labeled that post "talents" because I hope like in the parable of the talents, the Lord can help me to take this season and multiply what He's given me for His glory. So, not because I think I'm talented:)