posterity, consistency, and um...

(edited: I have never read a post with more grammar mistakes and misspellings. I almost left it as is to show my frazzled state, but it was making me nauseous. I'm sure I still missed a few) 

This year I got to thinking about the old blog and I thought, this is it
"This is the year I do it well or I quit that junk."
I either want it to be a real, entertaining, beautiful catalyst for community that makes everyone smile and or/want to go meet their best friend for coffee or go on a run with your sister, having the time of your life - or I want to quit. I decided three main things were missing. 

1. posterity. 
I spend too much time thinking about what people might like to read, rather than writing about our family so we can all sit round the laptop one day and read it. 
2. consistency. 
If planned well, it takes about 6 minutes to write a blog. Maybe 13. If you get crazy with the links, it could take 30. I can make that time and probably should for my own sanity. 
3. I forgot what #3 was. 

When Thursday and Friday started looking a little hectic, I decided to just give myself a pass on the consistency for those days and forget the old blog, but one of my favorite ladies from the west called me out and to be totally honest - 
I'd do just about anything to make Lauren smile. 

Withdrawal symptoms are the worst, no one should have to deal with that.
I know because I don't eat frozen yogurt anymore. 
(violent stomach aches + date nights don't mix)

So, real quick - here is a bullet point list for posterity that I hope makes you want to go be with a friend this week. At the very least, if you're within driving distance of me - I hope it makes you want to come hang out with me because I'm pretty sure a playdate or coffee date would have made this last week much better. (guilt trip)

this past week:
- We were pretty much snowed in. I mean, I could drive but it made me nervous and I let Nick take the car to save gas money, so we spent Monday-Thursday in the house - unable to go even play in the yard due to the ice covered grass. Two words. STIR CRAZY. 
- Here was my actual to-do list for Thursday. 
(I think the 4th item from the bottom was going to say "review secondary colors" but I forgot. The bottom does in fact say "not lose my ever loving mind" and I feel like I can check that off the list.)
- I really LOVE CJane's vlog for today. I think it is hilarious. This is for personal posterity - to remind me of the things that I loved way back when I changed sixteen diapers a day. 
- Another place on the interwebs I super suggest is Peas & Thank You
(For posterity sake, I'll also tell you that when Mama Pea emailed me once this week, Nick semi-rebuked me for being so excited. I couldn't help it. I'm a big fan.) 
- I get to see baby Asher today! And hopefully the rest of his family! 
- This is an actual texting conversation between Nick and I today. Sometimes I find it necessary to brag to him about household accomplishments. This was a huge one!
Getting Benja's blanket away from him long enough to wash it! 

- Nick's birthday is this weekend! I really like him. 
- Elias is alllll about some cuddling! It's like he's six months old again! Yesterday, he asked me to come cuddle with him and then he grabbed my hand and made me interdigitate. It was kind of awesome. 
- Glory is on some kind of intense sleep strike. We're all kind of tired. But whining was not one of my new years blog resolutions.  
- I'm feeling very behind in half marathon training and a little anxious about it. I've only been able to do some meesly long runs and then one or two other short runs each week. 
I hope I can get back on track this week. 
- Last night on our grocery trip, I bought our first mostly vegan week of groceries for everyone. I still bought bacon. Cause come on, it's my husband's birthday weekend! 
- I'm extremely worried this blog is just too random to do any good for this world. 
And so, I'll quit. (this post, not the whole blogging enterprise)

Lauren, I won't let you down next week. Well, poop. 
I'll try really hard not to let you down next week, but I might:) 
But nobody needs to go through withdrawal!