To my boy, on his 4th birthday

I should have known, he's the celebration purist. 
He insists on having a star on the tree and making sure Daddy has some sort of birthday candles to blow out on his cake. 

I didn't plan a party for Elias' birthday, not because I don't love him to actual pieces but because I thought we could make him feel super special doing fun family events without a party. But sometime last week, one of my sweet bff's from college mentioned she'd like to come into town for Elias' birthday and Elias mentioned he'd like a pirate pinata, not any other kind. Um, we needed a party! So we called it a best-friends-from-college with a birthday party attached. Then Elias overtook my phone conversation with the Rubes the other day and boldly announced that he wanted her, Hunkle Josh, AnnaJaye, Abigail, Able, & baby Asher to all be at his party and help break his pinata. Even though it wasn't in her plans, you better believe that Ruby obeyed. And I'm so glad she did! 

The day before his party, he started inquiring about his party essentials - making sure his mama would have stuff together. Streamers, chocolate cake, balloons, and pirate costumes. Ummmmm.... ok. Last minute trip to Walmart! 

I love that sweet little party purist. 
Elias, I love your guts so much. 
I love that you have to count to four to remember that you're turning four. I love that you ask, "you ok, Mom?" five times a day at least. I love that you tackle Benja first thing in the morning. I love that you say, "knows what?". I love that you still need to cuddle once a day. I love your vast expressions that only your Dad and I mostly get to see. I think it's hilarious that you're obsessed with going to the bathroom in public places. I love every little thing about you. 

And I think this is a big year for you. 
You're going to learn to tie your shoes, and probably to tell time. I think you should be able to do both of those things exceedingly well since you can beat all the levels of angry birds and I'm stuck on level four. Your dad and I are praying this is the year the Lord calls you to Himself and gives you a new heart. That would be a very special year indeed. 

Elias - I just think you're the greatest four year old in the world. 
Thank you Lord for entrusting us with this special boy, and thanks special boy for being who you are. We love you. 
Mom & Dad