thrift & find

Tonight I had an itching to blog and nothing to blog about. 
I asked for suggestions on facebook & twitter and got some goooood ones. Posts that I'll definitely need to address in the near future. 
But, by the time I got suggestions, however - I'd already had an idea. 

Theresa commented on my last post that I should check out Pioneer Woman's Home & Garden page. I love the p-dub, but I'm always forgetting home & garden. Big Mistake. Big. 

Tonight I did some browsing and found she had linked to this great little site, Polyvore. This gist of it is you can make groupings of beautiful things. Fashion, home decor, any type, any style, any price, just go nuts (check out pdub's post, it's much more explanatory). Ya'll already know I'm not buying any new clothes this year, but I do have a big thrift run planned this weekend so I thought I'd plan out what precisely I'll be looking for - using Polyvore. 

Here's what I'll be scouting out. 

a. slim fit boyfriend jeans.
b. grandpa style cardigans.
c. denim shorts or jeans to be made into shorts. to be worn over tights or leggings.
d. more vintage loafers. mine are busted.
e. anything in chevron.
f. clunky shoes.
g. nautical or floral flowy tops always.
h. khaki shorts for legging wear as well.
i. funky glasses? who knows?
j. horizontal striped shirts for jeggings, shorts, or boyf jeans.
k. date night dresses in fun patterns.
l. buttondown or babydoll dresses.
m. man shirts + high waisted skirts + braided belt = my dream outfit.
n. greige still, duh. 
o. some lady pants. slim fit chinos or something of that nature. 

How about you?! 
What are you fancying for spring style?