eating through beantown

So, like I told you yesterday, I wrote a crazily long food post and accidentally deleted it. 
Blerg. So I've got to find some way to do this quicker. 
With that in mind, here is the most concise way I can describe the deliciousness that is eating your way through Boston. My intention is to tell you the absolute best places we ate, why you should eat there when you come visit us or move with us to help us plant a church (that's right I said it) and who I'd like to take to those actual places. 
Please enjoy. 

We went to this sweet little local pizza place on Thursday night as soon as we arrived. It was an hour wait and TOTALLY worth it. It's a little dirty, very local, and super awesome. The ambience alone was worth the wait. They were blasting New Kids on the Block & Billy Joel, and acted incredibly offended when we asked to hold the cheese and/or meat. Needless to say, I ate some sausage that night. 
Who I'd take here: anyone (not seriously vegan) looking for a casual, fun dinner who isn't very young or very old. It was for real a little loud. 

Just good old nicey breakfast. In Beacon Hill, a fancierish part of Boston. Gourmet, but small and quaint. NC got the the banana caramel french toast & I went with plain old oatmeal because I was still pretending like I wanted to eat healthy on this trip. Bahahahaha. I should have gone waffles or something. It was still delicious & award winning in my book.
Who I'd take here: my parents, any girlfriends on a getaway (talking to you Danielle & Casey), all of my Seattle or Columbia ladies.  

T popcorn: 
I don't know what to say. I was hungry. It was buttery and fresh. It only cost $1. The smell was filling the subway. I had a moment. I would not share with my husband. Please tell me you've had a food moment like this where something that normally totally disinterests you presents itself and you HAVE TO HAVE IT. And you fall in love, for a moment in time, with the morsels in your mouth. I mean, I didn't overthink it or anything. 
Who I'd take here: myself. Over & over again. 

In Boston, the North End is historically known for ridonkulously good Italian food. For good reason. There is much debate over where, however, you should go for good Italian pastries. Mike's Pastry vs. Modern Pastry. I'm here to tell you: skip both. Go to Cafe Vittoria. Delicious coffee and desserts that will make you weep. I walked in, sat down, ordered a mocha, dark chocolate covered cannoli, AND gelato. Nick said, "who are you?!" and truly I didn't know. But I loved being me for those five minutes:) I had to leave the mocha & gelato half eaten because the cannoli-baby in my stomach had left no room. But I tell you what, that cannoli is literally THE BEST THING I've ever eaten. Hands down. And I'm already working on a vegan cannoli recipe to try this weekend. 
Who I'd take here: Anyone & everyone. And they'd want to move to Boston to plant a church with us (just throwin' it out there) because they'd love that cannoli so much. 

This is one of the only places I knew I really wanted to eat at before we left Boston. Good, local, mostly organic dinery-gourmetish breakfast food. In sweet Jamaican Plains, this place is a gem. I got a breakfast burrito the size of my face. And it was no joke. Nick got some sort of strawberry & creme pancakes that tasted just like donut batter. 
Who I'd take here: Kalle Stinson. Just like our fave place, Melanie's in Boone. 

If you can, imagine a bar and a vegan-deliciousness hipster joint rolled into one. Beer served with a side of vegan bacon. A pabst blue ribbon with your pancakes? Slightly dirty tables with waffle-egg-bacon sandwiches that will make you sweat hungry on top? Make sense? Nope. But it doesn't need to. Nick got a waffle sandwich that literally looked like the most appealing, awesome thing I've ever seen and has me searching craigslist for a waffle iron STAT. I went breakfast burrito with a side of bagel & vegan cream cheese. We held off on the beer, but LOVED their coffee. Best restaurant pick of our whole trip. 
Who I'd bring: Not my kids or my girlfriends. Maybe Hunkle Josh & Rubes, or any of Nick's friends. And ANY vegan or vegetarian looking for a delicious meal. 

Also, I feel the need to address the Dunkin Donut situation.
Everyone has warned me that in the northeast, Dunkin rules and Starbucks drools. I have to say, in our actual neighborhood - there are no Starbucks. There are PLENTY in the rest of downtown Boston, but it does seem there is a Dunkin everytime you turn around. In all fairness, I decided to give it a shot. My honest opinion: it's gross. It's watery and it doesn't taste like coffee. I'll drink it occasionally to seem like a real local if necessary, but I think I'll stick to home-brewed and local coffee shops. I had to pour out about 80% of my cup and I can't remember the last time I did that. Sad day. 

Now, you should know. 
Collectively Nick and I gained about six pounds and I've encountered a vast number of intestinal issues due to eating dairy & meat for days on end. I'm back to spinach smoothies and black bean salads and feeling much more normal and much more empty inside all at once. I'll be better once I make some successful vegan cannolis. 
I still highly suggest you go to Boston and eat these things PRONTO. 
stay tuned.