fashion friday, boston edition

A. I skipped yesterday's post because I decided to save a little for next week. PLUS re-entry to mother-of-three-kid-land has been interesting. True story: I was only gone for like four days, right? But the first day we were back, the first poopy diaper I had to change - I was in SHOCK. Like, seriously?! That is some gross stuff. So yay for getaways with your husband, boo for how they re-sensitize you to the rigors of motherhood. 
B. I would like to firmly state that this is not a "oooooh-look-at-me-in-my-cutey-outfits-posts". It's much more of a mama who lives in yoga pants & hoodies that needed to go on a vacation and be a real adult and wear something other than breathable elastic. It's also a shout-out to Laura T. and my sister who helped me find clothes/arrange outfits/and pack in a ridiculously small bag. And also, it was really encouraging for me to make myself get for real dressed each day. I've missed it this week and plan on wearing real clothes more often. Thank you & goodnight. 

Without further ado.... 
here's what I wore. 
little poufy sundress of my sisters, goodwill belt, goodwill loafers in Charleston. 
Add a coat & a bobby pin and you're good for a night in Boston! 

thursday night.
worldy things I love: coffee, 30 rock, and hotel bathrobes.
also, you shouldn't feel creepy about this picture because I was fully dressed, just givin' the robe a try for kicks, ok? 

friday morning. 
Laura T's dress. Laura's belted sweater jacket. My favorite vest. Tights & uggs. 
I realize that Uggs aren't the COOLEST thing around right now. Riding boots or military-ish boots seem much cooler. Even I saw a lot of cute sleddingish/duck boots that would be cute in Boston. But these were COMFY. Also, I wore lipstain all weekend! Who am I? A woman?!

Friday evening:
Fave Boston outfit. Long blazer Laura T gave me, normal tank top, jeggings. Leopard shoes from like four years ago. Literally, here is the post from August 2007 when I bought those shoes. Now THAT was a good purchase. 

Saturday morning: 
The true story is, I went running on Saturday morning and didn't get a good picture of my running gear. It was lame. My USC Mom sweatshirt may have made a cameo. BUT! Here is a dress I didn't buy at a thrift shop in Jamaican Plains that I'm seriously regretting now. It might not be your thing, but I thought it was Just not with my running pants & shoes.

Saturday afternoon:
I did buy this cute dress though! Like $6 or something at a thrift shop. Free People, for those keeping check of labels. Super cute. And I obviously didn't wash it:( Oops. Just put that sucker on & went sight seeing. Then put it on again for our date that night. 

crazy post-run hair

Sunday morning:
My least favorite outfit because I've got to learn that tunics aren't my friend. I need structure. Still thankful for this borrowed tunic from my sister, tights, & uggs. 
And a tightly wrapped head to keep me warm despite the freezing temps. 

And in full disclosure. 
This is me on Monday morning after we'd missed our Sunday flight. Had to get up at 3am to head to the airport. Had run out of clothes. Planned on running laps around the terminal because I felt so yucky from too many cannolis. Bought this shirt from a vendor on the street for $7 and plan to wear it during my half marathon. I'm not sure I was actually awake during the taking of this picture. Bahahahahaha. 

So there it is friends!
My guide to a thrift-shopping, groove-getting-back, not-ready-to-change-diapers-again-yet mother's wardrobe on a lovers getaway. 
I hope ya'll have a killer weekend. 
What are you wearing?!