you know what? (and a giveaway!)

You know what? 
You know what I love? 
(after Jesus and the hot hunk of man-meat that is my husband)
I love my kiddos. 
I like how Elias still wants to hold my hand thrice daily and also gave me a bloody nose the other day while we were wrestling (true story). I love how Glory screams, "I'm going to blow your house DOWN!" in the middle of her really good temper tantrums, but I love how right after that fit is over, she'll say, "Sorry Mommy. I want to act like a princess, not a scary witch" (true story). I love how Benja gives me high fives all day long and helps me cook, but also - I love how he hides little bits of mushed up banana all over the house for me to find three days later. I love their sweet little guts so much. 
I read this post by Casey and was so encouraged this weekend. Just to remember, that even when they wake up super early and there seem like so many of them, and you step on mushed up banana at 5am - these kiddos are just straight blessings. All of them. 

And reading. I love reading with my flock. I tell Nick all the time, reading books with Elias and Glory is like this weirdo wake up call, that oh-my-goodness-we-have-kids! Not babies, so much, but full blown kids who are learning and growing and are a little bit smarter than we are sometimes, it seems. 

So today, I'm going to take a few extra minutes, cuddle up on my couch (after removing the banana peel that is inevitably stuck in between the cushions), and read to my kiddos. 
And in honor of that, I'm going to have a giveaway right here on the interwebs! For you! 

Piggy Toes Press sent me a few books to try out and they are INCREDIBLE. Amazing prices, great for all ages, and super informative. We've been loving Who's in the Ocean by Dorothea DePrisco, because our kids are currently on an intense "fish-zoo" kick (their name for the aquarium). The art is incredible, the information is top-notch, and the kids and I cannot get enough of them. 

I want you to have a cuddle-and-read-as-many-books-as-you-can-get-your-hands-on kinda day, so let's have a giveaway shall we?! And because I've got three kids, I'm giving you three chances to win a wonderful set of books from Piggy Toes Press. Comment for each entry and I'll draw a winner on Friday! 1st chance: leave a comment telling me your favorite book, children's or not, 2nd chance: like Piggy Toes press on facebook,  link here, or follow on twitter, here 3rd chance: follow this blog by clicking follow over there > or here, on facebook

Enjoy, ya'll! 
I hope you had a wonderful weekend!