first vlog and GLORY'S BIRTHDAY

I've needed a good reason to make a vlog for awhile now.
I can't think of a better one in the world than my sweet Glor turning three today
Sadly, it cuts off with a few minutes to go, but you get the picture.
She's awesome. 

This video is brought to you by hormonal face bloat, 4 year old brothers,  & 
the chocolate chips that kept Glory going.

In all seriousness, I can't believe Glory is three. 
We celebrated all weekend with our girl cousins, and I can't believe that I have a lady baby I can take to get manicures now, and out to lunch. And I can't believe that now that the TWOS are over, she'll probably just wake up tomorrow and never throw another tantrum, right? right!? 

Gloriana Eloise Connolly:
You are a delight. I can't think of one person who has met you, spent time with you, and not commented on how incredibly special you are. There is just something amazing about you. You love your brothers passionately and are always taking care of them. You love your mama & Daddy so well and brighten any dark spot on any hard day. You are funny and super, super smart. Smarter than either of us for sure. You are a great growler and dancer and an INCREDIBLE singer. You might know more scripture than I do, and you DEFINITELY know more songs than I do and I pray that keeps on going, the you knowing more and teaching me part. I pray that one day soon, you'd hand your "something super special" back to the Lord who gave it to you, for His use and for His glory. 
I love your guts you sweet three year old. 
Your mama.