good community hospitality hangover

Last Tuesday, our hundred and something boxes arrived from Seattle. 

Last night, we had a church meeting at our house. 
I really work best with a deadline, don't most people? Want to get those boxes unpacked? The best way is to have fifteen or twenty new friends over to your house. 

The meeting went great. The massive, big community project we're taking on feels less big and overwhelming and the burden for the hearts behind it feels biggest. And sweetly, my little hospitality/community loving heart was overjoyed to have people in my home and eating my food and staying past my normal bedtime. Talking about Jesus and family and giving all your stuff away and protein powder. MMMM, I love community. 

But after a few nights of seeing midnight and unpacking boxes/painting/organizing/decorating - I plan to do nothing but cuddle with kids, drink coffee, play outside, and read library books all day long. And I'll just forget about those fifteen or so boxes packed around my bed, that I have to crawl over to get to sleep. 
Another day. 

Plus, I need to rest up for 
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love you guys. 

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