more color, more spring.

I'm kicking off spring this week. I liked Michelle's list so much, I made a kick-off list and a to-do list is coming. But it's really not spring, I'm calling it summer. Two days in a row of high eighties is summer, amen? Here's how I'm starting it off with a bang. 
- candida diet/cleanse (don't be jeal)
- staying outside all day with my kiddos
- messy summer hair (but a fresh spring haircut next week)
- I might even make an iced coffee. 
- color EVERYWHERE. I want it EVERYWHERE. colorful food, home, clothes. 
- did I mention staying outside all day with the kids? 
- backyard walks at dusk. 
- showing you these pictures. 

in open fields of wild flowers. 
handsome. and MESSY.
my artiste. 
his plan for spring is pick a million flowers.
sweet boy.
picnics & library books. 

my superhero.

soak this up. it's the last tired mama on a spring/summer day pic you're getting from me. ha. yeah right. 

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DO IT! I'm pressuring you! Make a one percent change & blog about it.