my long walk

Today it's cold and rainy and Columbia is doing a good impression of Seattle. 
But Friday, oh Friday. It was sunny and warm and we woke up and went straight outside. 
And I made this walk about a zillion times. 

Oh, it's been a few minutes - I should check on them. 

"kiddossss! how are you doing?!"

still playin' in the dirt like you were three minutes, ago? Ok. 
(please note Benja's breakfast waffle. I'm telling you, we went out first thing)

good to know, I'll be back in a sec. 

but for now, back to the neverending laundry pile. 

Today isn't warm while I want to sit right where that laundry sat and stay snuggled all morning, a crazy busy weekend has led to a crazy long to-do list. There's a meeting here tonight and toddlers who are restless and need to learn their letters. I have a case of the Mondays that is as big as south carolina. I'm reading and praying Psalm 36:9, that the Lord would be our fountain of life and light that overcomes even the gloomiest Monday-ish Monday. Love to ya'll. 
What's your Monday like?