all our bags are packed...

and I think we're almost ready to go. 
AGH. Relief, excitement, nervousness, relief, gratefulness, joy, praise, nervousness. 
Feeling all those things. 

So much has happened in the past thirty six hours, I can't wait to tell ya'll all about it. So many specific prayers answered/miracles performed, when the time is right - I can't wait to share it all. 

But for now, we're headed home, excited and a little nervous to figure out what Glory's condition looks like at home, in our normal setting, with "those boys" around. Speaking of Elias and Benjamin, I can assure you there will be a cuddle session starting around 7:30pm tonight that might not stop for a loooooong time. 

Please, oh please keep praying for our family. For Glory in the next few days, our reentry to normal family life, rest & wisdom for us as parents, and "those boys" as they adjust to our new normal. You can pray specifically for Glory's seizures as we've been warned it would be totally normal for her to have them frequently in the weeks to come, but of course we're praying for no more, ever. And our biggest prayer is that the Lord would keep restoring her, regenerating her little heart and body to something totally beautiful and new that gives Him "too much" glory, as she would say. "too much" is always a good thing with Gloriana. 

Thank you SO much for all your emails, calls, texts, and messages - especially the ones with info/suggestions/similar stories about epilepsy. We're sorting through them and we're so thankful for the internet and this sweet sort of community that is all new. Please keep them coming and as our sleep returns to normal, I'll keep responding. Love ya'll so much. 

Glory loves you too. 
"too much".