conquering obesity & 1% change - ask the Lord

(Here is a free print for you ladies. No need to buy it. Save it to your computer, print it at home or kinkos or something. I pray all our hearts know this, Amen?) 

One formspring question I got recently 
tugged at my heart in a whole new way. 

Oh man. So much I want to say. 
But here's where I'll start. 
A of all) I'm not a doctor and I don't know a ton. I have struggled with obesity and I'm not technically sure what the difference is between obesity and morbid obesity, but I think a doctor's visit would be in order. If you're in any kind of area where you can see a naturopath or natural medicine doctor, from all of my experience - they seem to be super knowledgeable and super gentle with weight loss, treating it more holistically. After not losing more than five pounds for an entire year after having Benjamin (while drastically dieting and exercising), I visited a great naturopath who helped me make a few minor changes and the pounds started shedding much more quickly. 

B of all) I'm so sorry you're struggling with this. Twice in my life, I have been technically-clinically obese and twice I have known what it feels like to feel super inadequate and messed up for something that was incredibly hard for me to control. I know that obesity doesn't necessarily equal laziness or gluttony, and I'm just sorry. I pray you have someone in your life who is speaking grace and peace and life into you about this issue, and if you don't - I'd love to email and be your prayer partner as you walk forward. 

C of all) Twice I have gotten up to what I call my VBN (very big number) and twice I have had to work very hard to come down from it. When I say work very hard, I mean WORK VERY HARD. I've been coming down from my VBN#2 for two full years now, TWO FULL YEARS. I'm down about fifty pounds and still struggling and fighting. Each time I do p90x or go on a long run, I'm shocked at how hard it is, at how hard it is to exercise and how hard it is to stop myself from just ordering a pizza for dinner or eating a little more salad (seriously, a little more salad?!). So my third answer to this question would be - unfortunately, from me - in the area of weight loss, you will never hear "just park farther from the store when you walk in" or "take the stairs instead of the elevator" or "watch portion sizes!". Those are all great tips, but coming back from obesity - especially if you have metabolism issues (like moi) is a fight and it will take actual sacrifice and actual work. I'd also love to email about somethings that have been helpful for me, but this is also where a doctor can work wonders. 

most important - here is my CHIEF advice.... D) Talk to the Lord about it. Don't just try not to care about it and keep your head down and push forward. Cry out to Him about it. Don't assume it's outside of the realm of His control. Beg Him for help and wisdom, patience and peace. He is not just good in theory, He is AMAZING in relationship. You may have to cry your eyes out to Him once a day about it, but don't think that He doesn't care. He's sovereign over all, including our dress sizes and He cares more about your hurt than you do. He just also cares in the right way, the way that knows the end answer that will bring glory to Him. I'm not trying to spiritualize, I'm being totally honest about what has helped me. 

ok, and lastly, my only practical advice is: E) Know the numbers and do something about them. I have to constantly do this. To some degree, barring health problems, most weight loss issues are a numbers game. You need to eat less calories than you use in a day. A pound of fat is made up of 3500 calories. I am constantly having to do the math and readjusting how many calories I should consume if I want to lose weight. I haven't done that for a few months and I just redid my numbers the other night and was SHOCKED at how little I should be consuming to lose the weight I'd still like to. I feel like I've been eating pretty well, but I've still been eating way too much to lose weight. So it's really good to know those numbers. A calorie count for weight loss website I suggest is this one. It very simply tells you how many calories to consume based off how much you weigh/your activity/how much you'd like to lose. 

Of course, knowing the numbers does nothing if you don't then start doing some research and figuring out how many calories you're consuming/expending - but that just goes back to letter C. This is also where "just eating healthy" or "cutting out junk food" doesn't work for some people. I eat very little junk food, about 90% vegan, mostly home-cooked food. But you can overeat for weight loss on 90% vegan, mostly home-cooked food. Especially if you're me and you have a hankering for homemade granola. If knowing your numbers and creating a calorie deficit doesn't work after a few weeks, I'd especially see a doctor or a nutritionist. 

BUT: I'm BEYOND proud of you for wanting better for your body. The Lord gets so much glory out of healthy bodies living for Him and I know if you cry out to Him, 
He will answer in one way or another. 
Keep crying out to Him and asking for His will to be yours for your body. 

and that leads me to my one percent change. 
What is the thing you've struggled with that you've stopped talking to the Lord about? 
Maybe you don't talk to the Lord about anything, why not start?
If we have a loving Father who wants His absolute best for us, why do we stop asking Him for help? Why do we stop telling Him what's on our hearts? 
I'm going to go pray and search my heart for the thing that I've just tried to handle on my own without asking for His help. 

If there's a corner of your heart 
you've kept from Him, cry out sister. 
(and link it up, ladies)