get 'em while they're hot.

update: this week's order going 
out at 5pm est on Friday. 
There's still time! 

Hello sweet friends!
Happy almost-Friday!
Truth be told, I'm not a Friday junkie, but for whatever reason - I am needing some two days of husband like, YESTERDAY. I'm declaring the weekend starts tonight, and tomorrow just pretending like Nick is gone for a few hours. 
Tonight we've got Earthfare kid's eat free night, p90x kenpo (blerg), and the last Office with M. Scott. Tomorrow is family fun night, and Saturday will bring all sorts of merriment as usual. Think cleaning out closets and an hour and a half of laughing through yoga with Nick after the kids go to bed. 
mwaaahahhahaha. Fun stuff. 

Enough of that. Can I interest you in Naptime Diaries print BEFORE I do my big print/ship session tomorrow? I always feel bad when I get an order five minutes after I send out a big shipment. Here are some of the new prints I'm not sure I've shown ya'll. Remember a portion of all proceeds go to friends' adoptions. 
Currently raising for Leigh & Gray Ladd.

This print was inspired by my brother in law, Josh. Hunkle Josh. 
A true oak of righteousness. 

The first in a proverbs 31 series. Because we all want to be her, amen? 

 This print was inspired by the vast amount of friends I have who are in ministry of some form, living on little intentionally, and giving away all the have. Who were being radical long before it became a book.
Don't lose heart. 

inspired by the beautiful Danielle Burkleo. 

Made specifically to celebrate Easter baptisms, but truly for the sweet renewal we all have in new life.

Love you guys. 
I hope you're having an amazing pre-weekend.