Glory's first day in the picu.

type type type, hand hold. 
text text text, kiss. 
That's the name of the game in the picu right now. 
Texting to check on my boys, thank friends for prayers, type prayers and medical notes and research online.

our bright blue eyes!
An update on the rest of Glor's day: 
Her seizures officially stopped around noon, praise God. She got hooked up to the EEG machine to monitor her brain activity, see any seizures we might not see. Her EEG machine is HIGH TECH. It has a webcam (she is so cyber savvy) that sends a constant visual & audio to her pediatric neurologist and records every little thing she does/says/brain waves. 

He talked through some preliminary test results with us and laid out the plan for the next 24-36 hours. Our main prayers are no more seizures (EVER) but specifically as they wean her off her strong anti-seizure medication. We also, of course, want to see as much positive response as possible as she comes back to real life. As soon as she seems to be seizure free, we'll take her off the EEG and begin the process of figuring out what exactly is causing all this. I'm not trying to be vague with possibilities, but we're not trying to conjecture a single thing until we know more. 

After she calmed down, she was able to have some visitors. Of course, this morning - my Mom and Ruby-Katie (my sweet sister) rushed from Charleston. They'd been with us all morning and everyone was speaking sweet words to her and encouraging us. Her godmama's parents came and prayed over her and us. Friends from our church dropped by and the fabulous Kristin came to keep me company and see the massacre I'd done to her masterpiece by not washing my hair for three days:). Seriously, it doesn't do any justice to say we're thankful for our community here. 

my favorite woman on earth
Our pastor's wife rushed to the ER to get the boys this morning, everyone helped with the boys at church, my sister's in-laws (THANK YOU WALTERS!) kept the boys all day, our Pastor came to visit as well as a few church friends, two friends from church busted into our house and did Lord-knows-what. I'm scared to ask. My mom and sister are taking the boys to Camp-Walters-Hopper-Mt.Pleasant for what will probably be the funnest few days of their lives. We are really overwhelmingly blessed. Everytime I saw a tweet, email, text, facebook, call pop up - I was really actually just smiled in the midst of crazy. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. I feel like I'm still standing because of those prayers. 

Now, the boys. Those boys are good. Elias was present when we found Glor seizing this morning and he was the most calm of all of us, gently prodding her to wake up and reminding us the doctors would help her feel better. I am so thankful for those big boys, those valiant brothers. All I can think about is getting Glor well enough to get her out of the PICU and into a real room where they can visit. Of course we would love for as many people as possible to be drawn into relationship with Jesus through Glory's life, and I'm specifically praying the Lord uses this situation mightily in Elias' life. He loves his sister something fierce and I pray this becomes a good opportunity for him to meet her Healer. 

these two, 2 weeks ago

Ok, back to Glor's day. Kristin was sitting with me and it was getting close to the awful hour of 7pm where they kick even the mama's out for nurse rotation. At about 6:55, we started reading some scripture to Glory and praying for her. Even though they thought she might be out for 24-48 hours, as I read - she started responding and waking up. Locking eyes with me and moving her feet. The nurse knew from the look on my face I couldn't possibly leave, and I was given permission to stay as she woke up. Nick came quickly (he was sending the boys off) and Glor just responded with her whole body at her Daddy's voice. She practically leapt out of bed:). She's been able to say a few words and phrases, "uh-huh" and also "i want milk" and "i want cereal". Sweet thing. She was immediately really agitated and just neurologically beat up, but sweetly - she has just fallen into a deep sleep. Thanks to her EEG machine, we can tell she's getting good deep real sleep, not anti-seizure medication medical coma sleep. 

So tonight, we hope for rest. Tomorrow, we'll see what the Lord has in store for her. 

Some sweet Jesus things I want to tell you about: 
- Our hearts are actually encouraged, which we really attribute to the prayers of the saints. We feel unsure of the days to come and SURE of God's greatness and love for our daughter. 
- We were supposed to be in Charleston this weekend to run the Cooper River Bridge 10k together and signed up too late to run the race. We were bummed and still planned on going, till Elias and I got sick and our weekend seemed too busy. If we'd been there, this would have been so much more complicated AND we wouldn't be in Columbia, where there is one of the best pediatric neurologists around. There is no pediatric neurologist in Charleston. Our doctor is literally watching Glory on her webcam from HOME to check on her. Praise God. 
- Glor was really uncomfortable and upset after waking up tonight. Our nurses warned us she would be like that all night and probably tomorrow too. I quickly tweeted/facebook asking for prayer for comfort and rest for her, and she fell asleep a few minutes later. 

All little gifts of grace from Him. 
We're beyond overwhelmed for what He's giving us. 
What He's given us. Tonight I'm praying psalm 100 & psalm 139 over Glory. 
I'd love for you to join me.