an open letter

This is my open letter to my friends.
Some thank you notes you have, some are yet to be delivered. 
In all cases, it doesn't matter. A flowery card from Target will never do enough. 

Marilee, thank you for flying from Seattle. For leaving your boys for the first time and rushing here. For sitting on an two awful flights and missing your husband and letting Glory climb all over you when you were sunburnt. Wait. Back up. Thank you to Katie and Mom for rushing to Columbia when I called you from the ambulance two weeks ago. I heard Katie went to the car straight from the bed without thinking to put any clothes on until someone talked sense into her. Thank you for the coffee and the support. You know, not just three weeks ago. Years ago, years ahead. Coffee and support. 

 Thank you to the people who prayed with us and over us in the hospital. Thanks Stacy for sweeping up our boys and letting me sob a little in the ER lobby. Thanks to the Walters too for the amazing help with the boys. 

Oh, thanks to the nurse in the ER who did a little sobbing with me too. 
Best, most helpful unprofessionalism ever. 

Thank you Riverside and Columbia friends for the meals and the groceries that are still coming. For the prayers and the smiling faces in the waiting room. For the cleaning our house and putting fresh flowers in every room. 

Thank you Seattle girls. For your scripture, your prayers, your tears. Your middle of the night praying and profile pictures of Glory on facebook and your love. For sending this sweet advocate who just did my dishes constantly, bought silly things for me that I've needed or wanted, and loved me like only you ladies could have. Here were my favorite parts: Finding a muumuu for $4 and buying it because the lady spoiling me insisted on it. Just like that, on a whim. Getting my nose pierced. Driving 100 miles to the beach and showing her the east coast and knowing it was ok because I had help to get the kids there and back. Showing her my house and hearing that someone else sees the Lord healing my anxiety.  Probably only because she was doing my dishes. You girls, you're too much.
 (promised shopping trip pictures coming soon)

Thank you to our family - near and super far. Also, the friends that are LIKE family. For checking on us and loving us and loving Glory so much. Thank you sweet boys who have worried about your sister and have acted totally normal since returning because, guess what?! it is normal around here, praise God. Thank you husband for being the best dad I know. For praying and crying with me and loving her only as much as you and I possibly could and knowing the Lord loves her so, so, so much more. 

Seriously, internet friends. Thank you. You who I've never done nothing for and you still prayed, prayed, prayed. Wrote about her, tweeted about her, fought for her. I like you all so much and I'm so thankful for you. 

I feel spurred, called, commanded to love well because we've been loved so well. Not just in the last three weeks, but the last three years and the last twenty-whatever too. We don't deserve it, cannot earn it, could never repay it. But we know the Lord better because of it. We want to know the Lord better because of it. We want to be ministers of the gospel to others because of it. We want to be just like you. Just like Him. 
Because you were Him to us. 

Thank you. 
We love you. 
The Connollys.