pray for Glory girl

This morning our sweet Glory started having some severe seizures and we rushed her to the emergency room by way of an ambulance. Over the period of a few hours, she had a series of many seizures and we had a hard time getting them to stop using different medications. She is now stable and calm and sedated. We have no idea what is going on with her, but we are praying fervently, fervently for her healing. We're going to be in the pediatric ICU with her for the next few days here in Columbia, praying over her, getting tests done & hopefully getting to the bottom of what made her so sick this morning.

If you know us or know our Glor, you know she is just the most lovely, vivacious, delightful, intelligent, beautiful thing that ever happened. She is a most precious gift from the Lord, and if you know our story at all, you know we've had to have open hands with her in the past.

Here are some things you can be praying for her:
- We're praying specifically, that like in Mark 5, Jesus would raise her and she'd rise and want to eat:)
- We're praising God for how much He loves her, even more than us
- We're of course praying that He'd get much glory from this, that others would come to know Him and specifically Glor would know and trust Him more dearly.
- Jeremiah 30:17, that He'd heal her of all diseases

You can know for sure, whatever happens in the next few days, we are so thankful for this blessed little girl. We have good news in Jesus and we're praising Him for His work in all our lives.
Love ya'll. Thank you and please keep praying!