slowing down & gearing up

It's one of those sweeeeeet Mondays. 
Resting from an (awesomely) exhausting weekend, doing laundry and being lazy. 
Gearing up for a full week ahead, prepping our lives for the Tues-Friday. 
Ahead of us we have about a zillion loads of laundry, two playdates, family meals, SIX MORE workouts till our next p90x rest day (blerg), and some fun mingled community things in there. 
I love these Mondays. 
I'm soaking it up. 
Coming fresh off of celebrating the resurrection makes everything better too. 

Here are some iphone & stolen pics from our weekend. 
(obnoxious amount of pics ahead)

started with an egg hunt/bday party at Nonny's in Charleston
our hunkle Josh may or may not be turning an age that makes him MUCH closer to Jesus:)
I wore my new favorite vintage muumuu. (thanks Seattle girls) Nick made lots of "golden girls" jokes. 

benja & glor loved on baby Asher and my sister tried to convince me to even out our families. Sorry, Rubes.

I finally gave in & let my Mom buy our kids matching Southern-ish Easter outfits. This is the best shot we got. 

but we did get a good shot of THESE ladies & their easter outfits. Love them. 

and a whole family/silly Ruby shot. 

NC and I went on our first post-epilepsy date thanks to my Mom & I found my vintage dvf collared shirt at my mom's house. It is the perfect shirt. 

the next day we hightailed it to Columbia for church at Riverside & a sweet Riverside family brunch. Love our church.
Annnnnnd, that was it. 
Insert a whole-family-two-hour-nap on Sunday and that's our weekend in a nutshell. 
If you made it through all those pics, here is a bonus for you:
Jami at Call Me Blessed is having a Naptime Diaries shop giveaway today! 
Annnnnd, I added three new prints to the shop this morning so check those out too!

Also, for the rest of the week I'm answering reader questions that have piled up in the formspring account, over there to the right ------> so if you have any, throw them in there! or in the comments or by email: jessi connolly at gmail. I promise I'm an expert at nothing and know very little about very little. But if there's a subject you want some vulnerability about, I'm your girl. 
Hope ya'll are having one of those sweet Mondays.