join our family!

It's our sweet Benja's birthday and in light of that (and the fact that I have 572 cake balls to make for his party tomorrow), here is our special invitation for you to join our little family. VIA blogworld. 

Everyone does their part around here, you know? 
The kids, they bring the cuteness and the inspiration for the funny poop stories. 
Nick, he brings the handsome and the sound biblical advice on the deep posts. 
Me, I bring the sweaty-post-slow-run-real-life-pictures and the self-deprecating-motherhood-confessions-that-are-hopefully-encouraging. Or at least amusing. 

Your part? 
There are still a few days left to jump in on being a sponsor for the month of June!
Small businesses, blogs, websites, you can all join our family:). 
Check out the "advertise" tab at the top or email me at jessi connolly at gmail dot com. 

And on behalf of Benja's birthday, 
the first three people who email me this morning about sponsorship will recieve $5 off their first month. 
Because I'm giving and I love ya'll.
And Benjamin told me too. 

And next week,  you better believe 
I'll have some cake pop pictures 
and poop stories ready & raring to go.