Here it is, friends. 
The day I've been waiting for, for quite some time. 
Let the massive Mother's Day motherload giveaway begin! 

Here are the details: 
- You don't have to be a mom to enter. I know a lot of you are praying to be mothers, a lot of you aren't mothers yet, and you all have a mama. If you win something, I only hope it blesses you whatever season of life you're in.
- I will pick a winner for each item. Some items differ in prices, but if you win, you win, hooray! And if you don't win, I'm sorry. I will commiserate with you because I want to win all these items too. For some reason, I'm disqualified. 
- Giveaway starts at 6am on Monday 5/2 and runs until 5pm on Thursday 5/5. Winner announced on Friday 5/6. (ahhhh I'm so excited!)

How to enter: (here's how you get entries)
#1: be a follower of this blog & comment telling us about a mother or 
mother-figure who's been an encouragement in your life
#2: Communicate about the giveaway in some way: 
Tweet it, facebook it, blog about it. 
{comment and say you did}
#3, #4, #5, and so on: You can get an entry for each vendor/shop/blog who has contributed to the giveaway. I'll tell you how to do that for each of them. Example: if you like a vendor's blog, follow them on twitter, and favorite their etsy shop - that's three entries! 
{Comment for each one!} 
Ok. Hold on to your hats. 
Let's get this party started! 

I can't host a giveaway and not giveaway myself:). I'm throwing three prints into the pot. You choose which ones you'd want from my etsy shop if you win. And you're always welcome to favorite the shop for more entries. 

both from MaddyNBella Jewelry Collections (favorite her shop or like on facebook) Courtney from MaddyNBella is the sweetest internet friend and I'm a huge fan of her stuff!

(I'm not kidding, here)
an 18x24 oil on canvas landscape & figure painting by Kelly Bollman Art
you can commission it from a photograph or submit an idea
$300 value, Kelly's site here - like her on facebook here
Kelly is an OUT OF THIS WORLD artist, and sweet friend in the Lord. I love her. 

The cutest octopi zippered bag you've ever seen from Handmade Recess. 
Ellen from HR is a breath of fresh air in my life & being in her sewing room helped grow a piece of my creative heart back. 
I want to steal this, but I won't. Come on, octopi?! 
Favorite her shop and follow her blog for entries!

No joke, I'm still adding items! Mindy from Marigold Road is giving away this BEAUTIFUL hoop art. I want this very, very badly. How amazing is that?! Follow her blog or favorite her on etsy for more entries! 

A pair of flower stud earrings (your color choice) and a silver owl necklace,
both from Thirty One West Etsy shop. Favorite their shop on etsy or like them on facebook for entries!

Dare I say the CUTEST HEADBAND ever?! You can grab this ivory sailor knot at the
Tea Accessories Etsy Shop!  Favorite them on Etsy or like them on facebook! 

NOW. My sweet friend Stacy. She doesn't want to promote anything, doesn't have a shop right now, she's just a great mom with great style who wanted to bless my readers too. She's also beautiful and our pastor's wife if you want to know the whooooole story. She's giving away one of these sweet chalkboard pots in white and two of these precious ceramic honeycomb frames. Follow her blog and pray that the Lord would bless her family like nuts, because I love them and they're a blessing to us. :)

How about some handcrafted notecards? yes! Yes, please! The wonderful Jami from Call Me Blessed is giving away a set of handcrafted cards, that are tooo tooo tooo sweet. You know the drill by now, like her shop or follow her blog for more entries! 
(ps: she's the sweetest)

Vegan, earth-friendly, all-natural, organic, fair-trade laundry soap?! I say, why not? Redemption Soap is giving away a 16oz. earth-friendly container of their sweet laundry soap that is safe and clean and amazing. Like them on facebook for an entry!

How about a beautiful necklace from Mommy Needs Coffee? My sweet friend, Michelle, has just begun making these cute yoyo necklaces and you can get 
extra entries by following her blog

Anyone want a $25 painting shopcredit to ten thirty one shop on Etsy?! yes! yes! Yes! you do! Trust me! Favorite their shop on Etsy and like them on facebook for entries! 

My friend from Seattle, Kerri, has a great Etsy shop where she makes pillowcase dresses, not only from her own great pillowcases - but she'll make them from your heirloomed ones as well! She's giving away one pillowcase dress of your choice (or a case of yours) and you can get an extra entry by making her etsy shop one of your favorites

Oh man, this next one is a doozy. Get ready. When I first saw this incredibly beautiful agendas, I kind of wanted to weep. I'm an agenda JUNKY. Nick limits me or I'd want to buy one every single week. But this one, from Trading Ashes, is BEAUTIFUL. These are printed on kraft paper & recycled grocery bags, non-year specific so you can use them any time, and EXQUISITE. There are beautiful hand-drawn graphics of seasonal fruits and veggies for each month. I'm saving my pennies right now for my own, so if you win this - we'll DEFINITELY be twinsies.
Favorite sweet Bess' Etsy shop and follow her blog, Trading Ashes for entries.

Another beautiful painting?! Why not?! I love you guys! This beautiful "Blessed" painting from LaLaLu Designs is inspired by Proverbs 31 and you can get extra entries for the entire giveaway by making her etsy shop one of your faves or following Tiffany's blog!

Why not another headband?! Sweet Tara from Beautiful Blendings is giving away a $15 shop credit to her sweet Etsy shop. Also, check out her blog for extra entries as well! 

So to review - winners will win one item, drawn at random. 
You can tell me which ones are your favorite, but you don't have to:) 
For each blog/shop/site you follow/like/promote somehow, you get another entry!
Please comment for each entry.  
All you HAVE to do is follow this blog & tell me a 
mother/mother-figure who's been an encouragement to you.
 Tell your friends, tell your mama, tell your mama friends
I want to bless you ladies so enter once, enter often, 
and grab yourself one of these 16ish items. 

(Also - be sure you check back on Friday because besides telling you what great things people won, I'm going to tell you more details about these ladies & their shops. In the meantime,  they're also sponsors on my blog for the whole month - so check them out!)