redemption soap, a poop story, & sponsors

SNEAK PEAK at blog redesign. 

First up: a little bidness. I'm currently accepting sponsors for June for this little corner of the interwebs called Naptime Diaries. If you have a blog or small business you'd like to promote here, email me at jessi connolly at gmail. HOPEFULLY in the next day or two, I'll have a section up there ^ for you to just click on & get info. 
Now, back to our regular programming. 

So I've been trying to make my way through all the wonderful Mother's Day giveaway sponsors and make sure you know a little more about their shop. I'm ESPECIALLY thankful for redemption soap, a wonderful product made by my friend Karissa, when redemption soap SAVED my white sofas last week. We have really sweet beige-ish/white sofas that my mother donated to us when we settled on the east coast and keeping them clean sometimes keeps me up at night. Now, imagine when I hear Glory say "OOPS! I spilled my poo poo on the couch, Mom!" I've been using redemption soap on our laundry for a while and LOVING IT, but that day, it saved the poo poo spill on our couch like I'm quite sure nothing else could!

ALSO, Karissa has a coupon code for ya'll if you'd like to purchase redemption soap anytime between now and June 30th. Use the coupon code naptimediaries on their etsy shop for ten percent off! Yay, thanks Karissa! 

sweet things about Redemption Soap
*REDEMPTION soap is on a mission to clean clothes and promote justice.
Inspiration 1) Raise money to support a friends mission in Zimbabwe-
Dare2Serve, 2) Create a fundraising tool for those in the process of
adopting 3) pay off our student loans so that we can raise money for
our own adoption.

*Partnering with a lovely local soap maker- Misty from Glines Lost
Arts ( who only uses the best organic &
fairly traded oils to create her soap, I hand grate the soap and
combine it with other natural cleaning agents. Each package of laundry
powder is carefully hand crafted in my home.

*The packaging of REDEMPTION soap has been very intentional as well.
Finding ways to minimize any waste and uses of plastic are just as
important the the ingredients put in. This has been my greatest
challenge and in an ideal world, I would like to just scoop it right
into your own reusable container to eliminate packaging!

*REDEMPTION soap is based out of Manchester, NH and is eager to
partner with adoptive families and those looking to fund-raise!

*Wholesale options are available.

*I have been a hippie my whole life. Being raised in a home where
recycling, do-it-yourself, make it from scratch and now cloth
diapering is just part of my everyday life. My reasons for valuing
this is out of my adoration for my Savior. He made this beautiful
earth for us to care for and enjoy. He has grown a passion in my heart
to fight against injustice- whether that is supporting those actively
fighting against human slavery and sex trafficking, sharing Christ's
love with prostitutes or helping kids find their forever families.

*Random info- within our 2 years of marriage, my husband and I had our
first child (Abigail, now 13 months) started an extreme cycling
ministry, acquired a 4 year old boy when our daughter
was just 7 months old and launched REDEMPTION soap. We have never been
more enthusiastic about life, sharing the gospel and loving our sweet
growing family!  We are passionate about loving our Lord, each other,
our kids, our community and living our life with intentional purpose.