whoooooole lot of winners

I'm gonna get right to it, because if I try to say anything up here, ya'll won't read it. 

Print#1 from Naptime Diaries: Annie Moore!
Print#2 from Naptime Diaries: Shannon Thompson!
Print #3 from Naptime Diaries: Jessica! A little nondescript, so this is the mother comment for identification help!
Diamond ball drop necklace from MaddyNBella: ErinT! 
Leather & Diamond bracelet from MaddyNBella: Sarah F!
18x41 oil on canvas Kelly Bollman painting: Melinda!
Handmade Recess octupi bag: Annie Sing!
"grace" hoop art from Marigold Road: Kara Mottershead!
Flower earrings from 31west: Laura Short!
owl necklace from 31west: Amy Horne!
ivory sailor knot headband from Tea Accessories: Abbi Russo!
chalkboard pot from Green Seed Creations: Hillary Surratt!
frame#1 from Green Seed Creations: Lindsey (unconventional at best email)!
frame#2 from Green Seed Creations: Dorian!
set of notecards from Call Me Blessed: Marilee!
Redemption Soap in Nancy bag:  Ally Mc.!
Mommy Needs Coffee yoyo necklace: Karly Lieb!
$25 shopcredit to ten thirty one art: Michelle Stratton!
pillowcase dress from A Friend Made It: Kim Alford!
beautiful agenda from Trading Ashes: Lauren Schner!
Blessed Painting from LalaLu: Stef Arnold! 
Beautiful Blendings headband: Tiffany Pate!

Congrats ya'll!
I'm so happy (maybe a little jealous, j/k) for you!

To keep things kosher, I'll tell ya'll EXACTLY how I went about picking the winners. 
I listed EVERY SINGLE entry out on paper, by hand, and then double checked
If that sounds silly, I'll tell you - I had no other choice. Since some people put all their entries under one comment and since disqus (my comment system) doesn't number comments, I wanted to make sure every single one was accounted for. 
I then numbered the entries, and used random.org to pick a numerical number each entry. 
It was worth it ya'll. I like giving you stuff. 

Here's one quick word, though. 
I really like these vendors/blogs/ladies. I'm so thankful for them. 
If you didn't win, or maybe if you did - will you support their businesses? If not today or this month, keep them in mind for gifts, holidays, birthdays! They were so giving to us this week and I would like nothing more than to bless THEIR socks off. I'm going to be featuring them all month and talking about them, telling you more about them, so stay tuned. 
They're good people. 

If you are one of our super blessed winners, start emailing me ASAP (jessi connolly at gmail) with the subject line being the item you won and I'll get you forwarded to the right vendor for delivery! I love ya'll!
I have a personal Mother's Day post coming on Sunday, but in the meantime - I pray the Lord is near to each of you this weekend, wherever you're at. 
Love you ladies.