guest post #1, beautiful Jhen

Two things, then I'll get out of the way. 
#1. Don't forget about the Ladd's adoption fundraising. Tell your friends!
#2. Jhen is LOVELY, right? She is lovely inside and out and I asked her to just answer a few random questions so you could know her better. Her blog is a blessing to me, and each time I read it, I feel like I have a long-lost bff. 
(all photos from Benham Photographers

1. What is your blog about and why do you do it
My blog is about my family's journey in obedience to give our lives back to God.  It's about all our mistakes and all our joys.  Its about the adventures that lead us to this place, and the adventures we're about to go on.  It's about the three of us as we make less of ourselves, so He can be greater!

2. What's an issue/topic/idea that makes your heart beat faster and makes your face get hot and makes you incredibly passionate? (negative or positive) 
Well, many things do really, but one in particular that's been flushing through my blood recently, is the issue of sex trafficking.  OH IT GET'S ME FLUSTERED.  I see the face of my little girl.  I see her innocence.  And I realize, there are many faces like hers robbed of their humanity, their innocence, and their all together dignity.  And beyond that, they suffer.  It's a painful, torturous and mortifying trade of human lives sold because of absolute greed and selfishness.  It disgusts me yet fuels me to give up this fancy life here I've been offered, and go do something about it.

3. What is one thing you'd like to tell yourself five years ago?
"Stop."  I would tell myself to stop for so many things.  Stop buying clothes, purses, shoes, and unnecessary household junk, because I would eventually give it all away and end up with close to little.  None of it matters.  And then I would say "Focus on Eternity- that's all that matters".

4. What is one thing you pray to see in yourself five years from now?
I pray that 5 years from now I see more Jesus in me, and so much less of myself and my own desires.  I still have a LONG LONG way to go.

5. What's something that you worry is misunderstood about you?  
Well, honestly, it's probably the image that I'm a "moocher".  We live with my parents for now, and we have some nice gear.  A lot of people think we're just getting a free ride, while playing up this role as "making a sacrifice".  I get how that can be taken.  I get it.  But that isn't us.  There are a lot of nice things we have.  A lot of accommodation cared for, but we work hard, but just not the way people expect us to.  

6. What's your favorite song 
"Mothers & Fathers" by Mike Murray.  But I do like to shake my hips to The Civil Wars (if haven't heard of them, then you're missing out)

Thank you, sweet Jhen. I'm thankful for you. :)