guest post #4, meet Rachael

First of all, thanks ya'll for your encouragement & prayers about yesterday's post. 
I'll keep you updated and I'll for sure keep talking about our sweet baby.
I already want to write more and more and more about him, but I'll disperse those posts as evenly as possible. My heart is broken and encouraged by how many of you know the similar pain. I love ya'lls guts. 

In the meantime, meet Rachael
I love her a lot. 

1. What is a song that brings back strong memories for you and why? 
"Your Hand in Mine" by Explosions in the Sky still gives me butterflies every time I hear it. My sweet husband & I shared our first kiss to that song. Afterwards, he pulled away and said, "Uh oh. I wasn't supposed to do that." At first, I was offended. Then I realized he was referring to how much he liked me and how he wanted to protect me. It was such a sweet moment. I'll never forget it!

2. What has most surprised you in life? 
I've definitely been surprised to have five kids at twenty-five. I never imagined marrying a man who had been married before and was currently raising two kids. And I certainly never dreamed that our "fourth & final boy" would end up a set of twin girls. I am thankful the Lord has blessed me with this responsibility, though, and I am excited about the future!

3. Describe somewhere you'd like to live other than the place you do now and why. I've never been to Nashville, but I'd move there in a heartbeat. My husband has worked hard to develop his gifts with songwriting and producing, and it's paid off locally. But if ever an opportunity opened up for him in the music industry elsewhere, like Nashville, I would support a family move 100%!

4. What is you blog about and why do you do it? 
I blog about my family, natural living and attachment parenting, and motherhood in general. I want to make mysterious things like cloth diapering and placenta encapsulation seem reasonable. I want to show the world that two very different people can love each other and raise a God-fearing joy-filled family with relative ease. And of course, I think my husband & kids are beautiful. I enjoy showing them off!

5. What is one thing you'd like someone to leave an encounter with you knowing. 
I always want to help. I want to be relatable. I want to be a resource, a place from which people can draw encouragement and empowerment. It's why I'm a nurse. It's why I blog. It's why I tend to overshare. I want people to pour me out, because that fills me up.

6. What is a food or drink item you absolutely cannot live without?
SUSHI! SUSHI! SUSHI! And recently, iced coffee. But not together.

Rach, you're the greatest.
Ya'll go visit her and give her some blog love. 
And I love you all too.