guest post #5, given to love

Have these been the best guest bloggers ever? I've never liked reading my own blog more! 
Thank you, thank you, thank you to 
Katie blogs over at Given to Love and she is also the BRILLIANT mind behind Faithblogs, which you should check out right now if you haven't. I think she is incredibly visionary and also incredibly passionate and incredibly wise. And I like her hair. 
Katie, THANK YOU! 

1. What do you blog about and why?
Oh, I blog about the cute/weird/wonderful things that my kids do and say, about the things that God is teaching me in this life, and the things that are close to my heart, like adoption, and orphan-care. I blog as a creative outlet, a way to share my faith and my life and hopefully (mostly) to bring glory to God.

2. What is the most terrifying possibility in life? 
The death of anyone of my children, or the possibility of them loosing me/us too soon. It scares the crap out of me. On this planet, they are my everything, and at this place in time, I am theirs. But when I think about what it really means to loose them, I realize that loosing them to an early death would not be nearly as terrifying as loosing them for eternity. What I mean is, I want to be the kind of mama that teaches them the way to the Father. That in my life or in my death, He will be glorified in a way that will leads my children to life eternal with Him. And I often pray that no matter the cost, I will one day have the great joy of spending all of forever in Heaven with my Maker, and each one of my little treasures. This is what I live for.

3. How did you meet your husband? 
In eighth grade, (mid-90s) I was a mega-dork (big ears, stringy hair, super-awkward) and he was mega-cool (decked out in adidas, rockin' the bowl-cut. Maybe that was just cool in my town?) Anyhow, I was in all of his elective classes: art, home-ec, gym. I did his art projects, sewed his quilt square and impressed him my ability to Sweat to the Oldies with Richard Simmons.Okay, the last part is probably not true. I may have sweat, but no one was impressed.

Good and bad, by the time we were out of high school, a lot had changed. I had watched him date plenty of girls, always secretly wishing it were me, but we had become really close and had been through a lot together, as friends. The kind that held hands at the movies. Only a couple more years passed before we were married. I still tell him that I always knew he was the one for me. (interject here, this is Jessi. Katie, Nick and I have a similar story and we always laugh about our hand-holding-for-months-in-movies-before-dating-ways. Thank goodness for high school secret PDA. 

4. What's an issue/topic/idea that makes your heart beat faster and makes your face get hot and makes you incredibly passionate?
Every part of me wants to type something witty/sarcastic here, something like "matching socks." If only to avoid the subject. But, if I am honest, the only thing that comes to mind, well it's pretty heavy. While I care deeply about the orphan crisis, hunger, people without love.... the one thing that gets me really worked up is abortion. I try not to think about it too much in a way that consumes me or makes me crazy, but I am just plain upset about the whole industry. Please understand that this does not mean that if you've had an abortion, or several, that I think any less of you. I know in my heart and soul that you are the beautiful daughter of a King, and I pray that you know Him too, along with all of  His abundant goodness and sweet mercies. 

5. What is something you do every single dayScrew up

6. What do you most want people to come away from you knowing? That I am the worst person I know, with the greatest Savior

Thank you SO much Katie. (And all guest bloggers)
Semi-normal blog life may (hopefully) (we'll see) resume tomorrow. (maybe)
I sure like you guys and I miss you! 
Two quick things: 
a) I'm still incredibly encouraged and spurred on and burdened by all the responses that are still coming from this blog. I feel so much encouragement from hearing other women need a space to grieve. Mostly, I wish I could make my blog into a house - invite all of you in that have experienced loss, and hear all your stories. And give God all the glory for how He has met you in it. And preferably, if we're going to to be crying our eyes out, it would be nice if there was coffee and pretty throw pillows involved in this fantasy. 

But for real. Women in my actual-physical-life have been incredibly encouraging, but the truth of the matter is that I'm a stay at home mom, sharing a car with her husband, trying to walk through the process of grieving a baby while raising three kids and sometimes an email from ya'll or a comment really truly meets me in a way that physical people can't in this season. And I'm thankful. 

b) our friends, the Ladds, are in Ethiopia getting their son right NOW! They bring him home this weekend and we are seriously overjoyed for them! Also, we've been so blessed by how many of you have bought their print, which 100% of the proceeds go to their fundraising. They are still actively fundraising to finish paying for this leg of their trip, and we'd so love to just shock them with a massive check with they get home. 

ok. Connolly out. happy Wednesday ya'll.