one percent, a call to action

In total honesty, I'm reaching a little. 
This has a TINY bit to do with healthy living, definitely a good amount to do with spiritual & community health, but it's maybe more like a 7% change. Meh, maybe 4%. 
You decide. 

So I know we already have a 1% change club, right ladies?! 
(that's my best beyonce voice)
(oh oh oh oh oh oh oh ohh oh oh oh oh)
But can we start another club?!
I've had this on my mind for awhile and this is my official call to action. 

I wrote about this a year and a half ago, but here is my official challenge. 
My initial club meeting and you're all invited. 

Will you make a meal for someone just because?
If you're single or childless, please don't tune out. If you're in college, stay with us. 
If you're a mom or wife or taker-carer-of-others or just a WOMAN, you know what 4 or 5pm looks like on a random hard Tuesday. Maybe you're sweating over all you have to do, or you're discouraged or lonely, or tired. Or frustrated with yourself. Or just disillusioned with Tuesday. The answer is always Jesus, to let Him do the fulfilling, but can you imagine if a friend called at 4:11 and say, "hey girl! Oh I'm just listening to Beyonce, prepping dinner, and thinking, I should really bring you some food tonight!". 
Would it change your life a little? 
Would it change your life a lot? 

So what if on a Tuesday or a Wednesday (or monday, thursday, fri, sat, sun.... ) that WASN'T the hardest for you, you just doubled up on what you had and took it to a friend. Single moms, moms to sixteen kids, not yet married friends, EVERYONE. Not just for a special occasion where everyone is already thinking to serve (new baby, adoption, death in the family), but for the person no one is really thinking to serve. 
It won't cost you much, but Lord willing - it will change your heart and theirs. 
And He'll get more glory. 

To get you started, I have the EASIEST (read: non-gourmet), CHEAPEST, filling recipe that can be doubled and made for two big families (or many portions for less people). 

vegetarian enchilada casserole
what you need: two cans black beans, two cans corn, two cans of diced tomatoes, some tofu (optional), chili powder & cumin, flour or corn tortillas, shredded cheese. 
Take two casserole dishes and layer like a lasagna: 
- diced tomatoes
- tortillas cut & pieced together to make casserole dish shape
- black bean/tofu/spice mixture mixed in food processor (or by hand with fork)
- corn
- cheese
- diced tomatoes
- tortillas
- bean mixture
- corn
- tortillas
- cheese
(bake at 350 for 20ish minutes) 

You can get crazy, mix it up, this just works best for me. 
Throw some fun ingredients in there, cilantro or fun veggies or meat if you so desire! 
This is just the CHEAP and EASY version. 
Grab a bag of tortillas for your friend and drop it off before dinner time. 
It won't make you any holier, but if you can spend some time praying for her/him while you make it, your heart will be inclined to them and the Lord. And you may just avoid your own 4pm slump. 

Will you try it? 
My goal is once a week, but they may be way too much or too little for you. 
Can we start a club? 
Will you ask your friends to join?
I think we should. 
Alright, despite my semi-reaching 1% change, I'm still so pumped to hear ya'lls. 
Link it up, ladies!