this weekend.

oh, what a weekend. 
fun. healing. laughing. some crying. more laughing. 

It all started when we picked our Dad up from work on Friday afternoon and headed to get our pictures taken. Pictures taken? Pictures taken! Sweet Kim from Kimariesays was going to take our family pictures and I was seriously thrilled. 

To be totally truthful, this particular era of time in my looks is not one I necessarily wanted to capture forever. You can imagine what first trimester weight gain + miscarriage hormones + 2 d&c's in a week can do on a body and a face. But this is for sure a season I wanted to capture. Our family, complete on earth for now. 
Something to celebrate, something to document. 

I can't say much more about that. I'm so thankful to Kim. It was about to pour down rain and one of the Connolly children refused to have her picture taken. Somehow Kim worked around that and gave us these: 

I'm just beyond, beyond thankful. Kim, thank you so much!

On Saturday, I had been planning to head to Raleigh for a girl's trip to love on my sweet Merry bff, who is 35 weeks pregnant with her first babay. Last week, leading up to the trip, some incredibly servant-hearted friends volunteered to stay with the kids so Nick could accompany us on the trip. 

It was amazing. It was restful and quiet and loud and wonderful. 
I got to see Mere's house and see her nursery and rub her little-for-35-weeks belly. 
And we drank a lot of coffee and went out to eat and surprised our friend Erin at the airport and laughed and cried and talked and talked. AND on the way home, I had a sweet chance run in with this peach. Just perfect. An internet friend guests blogs for you and then you run into her while on vacation at Trader Joes? Yes, I like that story. 

i love these women. 
All in all, it was just what the doctor ordered. 
And I mean that in the literal sense, because I described my upcoming weekend to my doctor last week and she seemed to think it was just right. 

Now, on to cuddling with Connolly kids. 
Happy Monday.