inspiration: handmade

Today I'm linking up with the Gussy Sews, inspiration workshop and the first prompt is HANDMADE. (this is your public notice to join Gussy's workshop and get weekly emails, see here...

And I'll be totally honest, unlike some of my blogging counterparts, I haven't been a raving fan of handmade for years and years. I didn't ever peruse etsy or make my own coasters and pillows. I think I've mentioned before, but crafting to me - always seemed like another feminine thing that I kind of stunk at. And maybe something women seemed to lord over one another. Like, "look at MY SCRAPBOOKS!" "oh yeah?!, see my beautiful quilt?!". But now, I'm starting to get it. There is something really sweet about letting the Lord use your hands to create something to make your home a little brighter. 

And as we're in the midst of fixing up our sweet little home, I'm finding handmade ENCHANTING because I can usually do something immediately, cheaply, and it makes our home feel more cheery and beautiful. 

So, in light of that, I thought I'd show you some of the "handmade" changes we're making. The whole house is basically in upheaval right now - we're repainting and reorganizing but the kid's room is my favorite part happening. And for sure it's their favorite part. So here are some snippets. 

Put up the kids' names prints. Order yours here:) 
Also, newly (and painstakingly painted wood paneling! hip hip!)

HAND painted their new bunkbed:). They LOVE IT. However, Elias is often dismayed that Glory doesn't make his bed nearly as neatly and quickly as he does his. Also, behind Elias, we're going to paint broad grey stripes on that wall. 

We created a reading nook with an old toddler bed mattress and some throw pillows. 
Perfect for 4pm meltdown hours. 

And seriously, not only did Kelly of Kelly Bollman Art come help us paint the obnoxious wood paneling and bunk bed, but when she found a spare canvas - she whipped this little ditty matching the new room colors! BEAUTIFUL. from Isaiah 61. 

I also love this sweet canvas that my stepmom, Judith, made for Glory a few years back. I've got one for Elias and Glor, now I just need her to make one for Benj:). 

So, there are just a few sweet little glimpses of a kids room
in progress with handmade highlights. 
NOW, to go play with those kids! Yes! 

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