Today, I wanted to move on. 
I told a friend, I was so excited to just do the dishes. To feel well enough and healed enough, to stand at the sink and do the dishes. To smile at my kiddos while I did it. 

I wanted to post an amazing little vlog for ya'll that I made with Kristin during some of the better hours from this weekend. I wanted you to laugh and to show you, look! I'm doing good! God is mending me!

But that's not for today. 
Instead, I will be real & vulnerable with ya'll and will just cry out asking you to pray for my physical and emotional healing. I'm having some complications from my miscarriage and it feels like the Lord is just holding me here in the mending place. 
And the dumb vlog won't load. 
Sorry ya'll. 

So, maybe tomorrow. Maybe tomorrow I'll do the dishes!
If not, God is still good and I'm sure I'll meet Him in the mending.