one percent follow ups & a MARATHON?

True story. I love the one percent changes
I like the idea and I like making them and I love reading yours. 

If you're new to the phrase, it's basically the idea that in an effort to be healthy, you make 1% changes every day or every week. Just tiny (yet still costly) changes that you can sustain and that add up. You can apply it to anything - your physical health, your marriage, your decorating, your relationship with the Lord. Just slowly, by grace, getting a little closer to your goals day by day. 

But in all honesty, I've got no new ones right now! I'm really trying to sustain and MAINTAIN healthiness in all areas of life. So I thought I'd do a review of the 1% changes I've post with a real, honest, vulnerable follow up. I'll tell you how they're going for me and maybe we can all learn a little something. Or just laugh. 

week #1: Carrot "fries" instead of french fries. 
I'm gonna keep it real ya'll. I eat a lot of carrot fries, but I also sill keep eating real fries. The vacationing/miscarriage season was a particularly heavy fry season. Which has led to a particularly heavy rear end season. It's not a good situation. So I'm going to try to hold fast to this 1% change again. Chik-fil-a waffle fries, you have no hold over me. Carrots here I come!

week #2: the next week I featured THREE CHANGES in one. 
a) get back on the wagon when you mess up. Yes. Yes. I feel like I'm doing that now. 
b) bless people when you want to curse them. 
I have to give the Lord 100% credit, in that I feel like this is improving a lot. Maybe only because I've seen fruit in it. But especially in long term relationships (marriage, family, close friendships), I'm really beginning to understand - something can feel incredibly off, or you can feel hurt or upset and still live in relationship with that person and BLESS them, while you wait patiently for the Lord to correct and reconnect you. Basically, pouting is for dummies. and....
c) I suggested everyone have Kristin give them a little freshening. And I'm going to call TODAY to make my next appointment AND you're going to be hearing from Kristin here on the blog more soon! 

week #3: GET GRAINY
YES! these grains are still a huge part of my life, but just looking over this blog post has me excited again. I want to make quinoa nachos like WHOA this week! But I did have a buckwheat bake for breakfast yesterday and we are having quinoa burgers for dinner tonight! Whoooooo hooo, I love some grains. 

I think the one I was doing at the time was p90x and full disclosure, I stopped when I got pregnant. It was just too much. I already wanted to puke all day, there was no sense in adding to that with Tony Horton yelling at me about pull ups. But I've found an exercise routine that is doing good things for me and I'm pumped about it. More on that below. 

Sidebar - one of the most controversial posts I've written because I had comments and emails basically inferring that I was obsessed with weight and didn't want women to feel comfortable with themselves. That broke my heart on so many levels because I was convicted and also truly I was only trying to say - if you're broken about something, over something - cry out to Him. BUT as a follow up, I'm finding a lot of comfort in this change. Things that I'd normally hold inside or try to fix myself or just complain about, I'm just pouring out my heart to Him and really finding myself so much closer to Him in the process. 

still making it. Lots. 

week #7: live a little
I love this change. The Lord is still really helping me grow in this and I'm thankful. 

week #8: eat more raw
Nope, haven't made this change very permanent yet. More work needs to be done here, less time in the chik-fil-a fry line! 

ooooooh, conviction again. I've maybe made one meal for a friend since that post. Going to go brainstorm some goodies to take to people right NOW. 

week #10: join a team
I have to say, this is the change most benefitting me right now. I've rejoined the unofficial team of mamas-running-long-distances-or-training-to-run-long-distances and I'm so happy to be in that club. Plus, a few actual, real-life ladies I run with and talk running with:). I've flitted around with a million different exercises to feel my best and by my strongest - but my sweet husband finally just gave it to me straight and said, "you feel best when you're running. you love running. you love training and you love having a schedule". So I dropped all other plans and decided to officially start training for the Charleston Marathon, with the Savannah Marathon on the way. 

if I stop blogging in late November, someone come look for me on the side of the road.
I sat down and made my whoooooole running schedule, from now till January. And this morning, went on my first official in-training run - which of course is TERRIBLY different from a normal run (wait, not at all). And I'm pumped. The 18 miler and the 20 miler are kind of staring me down all the way from December, but we'll tackle those as they come. 

OK. And that's my honest 1% change follow up. All still need work, some more than others. 
How are ya'll doing? Soaring past me I hope, on your 2,2304th successful 1% change. 
If not, grace to you sister, - we got our whole lives.