Sara from Noonday! A must read.

I gotta tell ya'll, I'm so overwhelmingly excited about our July sponsors. One of them, Sara from Noonday Collection is a sweet friend of mine from Seattle. I love her, I love her family and what they're all about, and so far - I love EVERYTHING I see about Noonday Collection. I'm going to stop talking and let ya'll hear from her. 

Sweet Sara, tell us a little about you. 
My name is Sara. I am a follower of Jesus. I've been married to my husband, Mark, for almost ten years. We have three biological sons and one adopted daughter. We brought our beautiful baby girl, Ella, home from Uganda in May. I enjoy being a homemaker and home school mom. We live outside Seattle, Washington and we eat a lot of organic food. I love writing and sewing. I also love fashion and design.

Tell us a little about Noonday & your favorite item. 
I am so excited to introduce you to Noonday Collection. Noonday brings together my three favorite things: fashion, adoption and helping women around the world. Noonday Collection was started by my friend, Jessica, as a way to give artisans in places like Uganda, India and Ecuador the opportunity to sell their products to women in the United States. Noonday is all about connecting you with the lives of artisans struggling for a better future. At Noonday Collection, we believe that every child belongs in a family. Noonday Collection helps adoptive families fundraise and also gives back to support orphan care around the world.

My absolute favorite Noonday Collection item is the From Kampala with Love necklace. When my husband and I were in Uganda adopting our daughter, we met Jalia, the artisan who makes this beautiful necklace. Jalia introduced us to her Ladies, a group of women who gather together in a house made of mud and sticks to study the Bible and make recycled paper beads. Jalia's love and dedication go into every necklace. I also love this necklace because it is gorgeous. I love wearing it with everything from a strapless black dress to a navy nautical tee to a black and white checked button down.


What made you decide to sell Noonday?
When I heard about Noonday Collection last fall, I emailed the founder Jessica and asked if she would consider letting me sell Noonday products in Seattle. In one of those crazy God-is-at-work moments, she wrote back and said that my email was an answer to her prayers. Six months later, I am thrilled to be one of the first Noonday Ambassadors, to be able to share the beautiful products with friends, to give women a practical way to make a difference around the world, and to raise funds for orphan care and adoption. This year, my goal as a Noonday Ambassador is to raise funds our family needs to finish our adoption and bring Ella's sister home.

Where are you guys at with your adoption & how can we pray for you? About three years ago, you (Jessi!) and I were sitting together in Bible study and you were sharing about your love for adoption. At the time, I felt like my heart was exploding. I knew that adoption would be a part of our story, but it was not time yet. After more than two years of prayer, our family began the process to adopt two little girls from Africa last summer. After many ups and downs and almost three months in Uganda, we brought Ella home in May. We are still hoping and praying to adopt her four year old sister. We are waiting for a court date. We are praying that God would work in the hearts of the judges in Uganda, that they would see how much we love this girl and how we long to be her family. We appreciate your prayers. And every Noonday Collection purchase helps us bring this beautiful girl home.

How can Noonday Collection be a blessing to other women?

Noonday Collection exists to be a blessing to women: mamas who are struggling to provide for their children are given opportunity to earn a good living. Women who are longing to bring home their adopted babies are able to raise much needed funds. Busy moms who are exhausted after long days of caring for little ones have the opportunity to be refreshed and encouraged at Noonday Trunk shows, where they gather with friends to share stories and remember how to look cute. Noonday Collection provides opportunities for women who have a heart to do more than just look cute make a difference around the world.

Thank you so much for sharing with us Sara!
So this is my entreaty women:

Pray for Sara. Buy her wonderful jewelry. Pray about adoption, and if this is not the right season for you (or even if it is) - this is a wonderful way to get children to families.