where the quiet went

one early mornin' pic of my papa puzi's front yard
Ya'll, this has been such a summer. 
The past few years I've been in the northwest while our family has been here in the south. We've done some summer-ish things, but this summer has been a full out family summer. I think I mentioned this before, but we've been on lots of little "vacations". Not really vacations, because I'm usually alone with my kids and whatever family we're with. But vacation in that I'm not vacuuming (my own) floor or in my own city. 

This past little trip was five nights, five days with my dad, his extended family, my sister and all her kids on a some sweet farmland in north carolina. There was a daytrip out with my man for our anniversary, but mostly it was just my sister, me, my dad, and our boatload of kids running around the small towns of western north carolina. 

And it was oddly quiet. Lots of loud kids, but quiet in that we had no internet connection and our iphones got super rare service. So we just played and swam and swam and swam and woke up at the crack of dawn and did lots of fun family stuff. And you know what, I should've taken a MILLION pictures. Of the pretty land my Papa lives on, or the cousins cuddling after dinner, or Elias doing a double back flip off his pop in the pool (ACK), but I didn't. My hands were too full and it was too sweet and peaceful and quiet to both with a camera. 

But now, it's 3pm on Wednesday. My kids are about to wake up from their naps. My email inbox and etsy shop orders are SCREAMING at me for some maintenance. Dinner needs to be made. House prepped for community group. Laundry done and bags unpacked. Next trip planned. Life. It's loud.  

But I did LOVE those two posts from Annalea & Rachael. Didn't you? 
Annalea's post made me stop in my tracks and praise God for sorrow. 
Let me say it again. Thank you JESUS for sorrow. 
It feels like such a blessing to know the joy that comes outside of, because of, after, before, and during sorrow. 

& Rachael's post. Love. Just so you know - the things I'm JUST DOING: 
ve-gan. it's a daily recommitment, ya'll. 
and I've re-banished Diet Coke from my daily life. Mostly, because Ellen is helping me. 

And PLEASE tell me you've entered the giveaway from Monday. Ends Thursday at 5pmEST. 
Love ya'll. Hope it's quiet or loud or awesome where you are today, amen?

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