all things new!

This is a whopper of a post. 
To help me & you, I've made a table of contents. 
This also helps me fulfill my desire of fiction book writing. (though this is all true)
Please check all points. 

Chapter 1: project Jessi-head
Chapter 2: hitting the reset button
Chapter 3: introducing....
Chapter 4: BIG EVENT
Chapter 5: newbies 

Let's get started! I'll keep the chapters short & there will be a prize at the end!
Chapter 1: project Jessi head.  
A month or so ago, I asked the super talented Anna Kate at Mrs. Calabash Cards to help me make some new branding and this is what she came up with. I LOVE IT. I hope you like it too, because it's NEVER going away:) mwhahahahahhaa. I've told Anna Kate to be ready to receive all your "insert-your-name-here head" orders. Because you all need one! Think of what all you could do with that! Plus she does all sorts of other wonderful things. 
Check her out

Chapter 2: hitting the reset button.  
I'm hitting the reset button on the Etsy shop. In all honesty, I wasn't ready for the response. I kind of hoped hoped hoped I'd sell like 100 prints this year. I had no clue I'd sell 230 in three months. So I've had to switch from printer to printer. I've changed my prices up and down. I've honestly, messed up a few orders and had to ask people for grace. Nick and I have prayed & worked and gotten a system down now so that everyone will get really quality, consistent prints, in a timely manner. 
I'm so glad with the solutions we've found and this past shipment I sent out made me want to dance with joy! The print prices and shipping prices have been reduced AND the quality is much better & the process more organized thanks to.....


Who's that babe, you ask? 
Well - to be perfectly honest - I'm not sure who the bebe is, but the hotness holding her is my new partner in crime, Lauren. Aka - bff, auntie larlar, glor's godmama, former-maternity-home-helper, and now, Naptime Diaries employee

I am SO thankful for Lauren. She is helping me sort out EVERYTHING so that I can be a sane lover of Jesus, wife, mom, general person of hygiene AND run the shop & blog successfully. So in the future, if you have questions or comments or dreams and desires concerning print ordering or blog sponsorship, she will probably be the lovely face behind the computer. Also, ya'll - if you're in a similar spot and need some help like me, she's taking on more "clients" (i mean that in the least creepy way) and she's amazing
Email her at to say hi or to hire her. 

Chapter 4: BIG EVENT!
I'm so, so, so, so excited to announce this sweet event I'm doing with Handmade Recess & Blue Plate here in Columbia! It's a "fresh for fall" open studio & tasting party. Come see what Ellen has new in the accessories department, I'll have new prints, and we'll have yummy food by Blue Plate! Also discounts, custom orders, and holiday previews! 
North Carolina? South Carolina? Wyoming? 
Come on out! 

Chapter 5: Newbies. 
I mentioned prints & shipping prices are all reduced right?!
But did I mention your prize for reading this book? 
Here it is. A 48 hour ONLY coupon code for a whopping THIRTY PERCENT OFF. 
Everything. Just for ya'll. Because I'm thankful for you. 
So use coupon code: RESTART for 30% off and check out some of these new ladies. 

So, to recap:
- Anna Kate is a genius. 
- Shop is hopefully running better than ever, forever.
- Lauren is the greatest. 
- Come by plane, boat, train, car, & foot to the Open Studio
- There are new prints (and great old ones) for you to use your new discount on. 
love ya'll.