because he doesn't have pinterest

first: This was a really good read on pinterest. If you haven't thought about the whole diy/not-giving-people-credit-for-their-work issue, it's definitely something worth considering. 

second: I feel like it's necessary to say, there are more important things in the world than what this post is about. About 99.99% of things in this world, to be precise. But if you need a little joy or a little beauty or a little online window shopping in your Monday morning, please read ahead. 

My birthday is next week. 
The big two-seven. 
I gotta tell you, I feel fantastic about twenty seven. Each year, I get closer & closer to feeling like a legit mom of three kids and less like the nanny. Woot woot!

Last year, I spent my 26th birthday still fresh off our move from Seattle and with a enormous hole in my face, true story - read here, so this year - I'd like to be intentional to a) really stay away from all lamps and b) really live it up celebrating all that God has done in this past year and all He's going to do in this coming year. It's important that you know, by living it up I mean HOPEFULLY getting a datenight and maybe taking the kids out for family breakfast. 

I tried, though, as a good wife, to help my husband find me something sweet as a present and I made a pinterest album for him to see some tidbits I'd like that he might want to purchase for me. This plan worked great till he told me he couldn't figure pinterest out and he didn't create an account yet. So this post is for him. Nick, I'd like you know, just maybe one of these:). You pick. 

One of Ellen's new bags. Mama Pea's book
A chevron lucite tray. Some sparkle nail polish. 

A killer Moxie Mandie pillow. A beautiful feldspar ring. Love one another pillow
This stunning MaddyNBella necklace.  

Stella & Dot ring. A painting of April's
Or maybe just coffee with April.  
Some Toms. A men's watch from Target

But friends, you enjoy it all too. 
Don't buy any of it for me, but maybe for yourself. 
You've had a great year too, you know?
Cause you made it through, no matter what. 

sidebar: I'm having a big birthday giveaway on the blog! Get excited! And if you have a product or service you'd like to donate, email me at! Thanks so much!