guest post by Jacy, life is short.

Hi guys! I'm Jacy from lucylucybangbang and I am super excited to be here! Today I want to talk about the TOTALLY cliche saying - "life is short". You know, like that Kenny Chesney song "Don't Blink". Yep, totally lame cliche.

Recently, I was slapped across the face with this very cliche saying when my husbands sweet aunt passed away. We were already up in NY when she passed away so our trip was greatly extended. Kevin's (the hubs) entire family lives up there and we are down here in the Carolinas and while we know this is the best place for us, we miss them like crazy. This turned into a strange blessing for us to get to relax and spend LOADS of quality time with family. We played. We laughed. We danced. We sang. We drank margaritas. There were basketball games in the pool and late-night pizza. Shoe shopping with teenage nieces.  We talked and we laughed some more. We did some serious family bonding. At some point, it hit me. Life is way too short to take myself so seriously. Aunt Janet was 66 when she was handed her fate and when she was told she would die her reaction was to put her hands in the air with "and so it is!" What kind of person says that? The kind who knows she lived her life with everything she had. The kind of person who knows where she going and is eager to get there. The kind of person who feels good, genuinely good, about the life she lived. She was kind and generous and funny and spiritual and a faithful wife and mother. I'll tell you what kind of person says that...the kind of person I want to be. The kind of person whose wake has to be held in a church because a funeral home isn't large enough to squeeze in all the fine folks who want to pay their respects...'cause she was that awesome. Lofty goal, that last part, I know but it doesn't hurt to aspire to great things, right?
At some point in all this family goodness and celebrating life and missing Aunt Janet I realized I had it all wrong. It's time to carve out more time for family trips up north and slow down when we're there. It's time to care less about the laundry and the dishes and play with my kids more. It's time to laugh at my short-comings and celebrate my strengths. It's time to care less about the way I look in a bathing suit and do cannonballs in the face of insecurity. It's time to be a better friend. It's time to forgive others and forgive myself too. It's time to greet opportunity with open arms, not fear. It's time to enjoy my children and not think of them in terms of shoes outgrown and dirty laundry and meals needed. They're not chores, but priviledges to raise. It's time to whine less and margarita more. It's time to take risks and regret less. It's probably time to stop using cliches. It's definitely time to LIVE life in a way that I can carry with me that same attitude that Janet carried and accept things as they are with grace. And so it is.

I like to think that the towels I make serve as a reminder to the ladies who use them. To remind them, amisdt the chaos of meal prep and dirty dishes and screaming children, that life is short. Laugh at it all. Put the dishes down and play. They'll still be there later and so will the towel...because it's snapped on - hah! Please enjoy the coupon code "naptime" for 10% your entire order all month long and use your new towels to dry up all those cannonball splashes. 

Jessi here. Thanks so much Jacy!
And just fyi - I am in love with my lucylucybangbang dish towel. It is absolutely a spot of joy in my otherwise easy-to-seem-boring kitchen. 
Thanks girl for all you do!