the most halfhearted attempt at WIWW

Every week or so, I read these WIWW (what I wore wednesday) posts from across the worldwide web and I'm proud of ya''ll. Mamas, business workers, ladies, even kids - looking cute and fancy, with wonderful photography and the sunlight glinting just right. Posed against some urban brick wall or in a barren field, looking carefree and caring ALL AT ONCE.

I appreciate & love those posts, they're lovely to see, and yet - this is not that:).
What I got is three pretty wild-tempered kiddos, a head of hair, and a desire to make my husband NOT want to turn right back around when he walks in the door after work. But somedays, it takes me till 5:25pm to get dressed, for reals.

HOWEVER. I did make this vow to only buy second-hand clothes this year, I am TRYING to get some spice back in my wardrobe, and more than that - I'm trying to be more modest for my boys. The modesty may sound out of place here, but honestly - this year I'm working on hard on being what my boys would want in a wife. And truly, I don't want to teach them to look for a wife who lives in yoga pants. I mean, I want them to have grace for their wife when she NEEDS to wear yoga pants (cause there are yoga pants seasons for sure), but you get my drift.

Anyhow, this past weekend was a good time to start my attempt because I was going to be with my sister and she makes me want to feel a little fancy. And she makes me want to be a little more boho than normal, which is always nice. So here it is. My first WIWW.

See the boho attempt here? 
Wavy hair, all me. Flowy shirt, gift from Kristin. Black pants, goodwill.
Fabulous ring, Melody!
Messy bed, it's all a part of the boho thing.  

But for REAL. I love this ring. Everytime I wear it, multiple people comment on it. 
And the price is so wonderful, I'm literally buying TWO for friends this week. 
Plus, I love thinking about all my babes when I see my hand.

Thursday night: begin road trip with best older sister on earth. 
She is the best accessory. 

Friday brought my fave patterned maxi dress, a hand me down from a good friend. 
Sweet rosette necklace from seek first
BIG cup of coffee. Because do you see those bags under my eyes?
I should carry groceries in those things. That would make me GREEN and TIRED. 

Saturday morning fitness hour with Rubes, my D, and sweet stepmom. 
Are we a sight or what!?
For running, I prefer all black and my yellow earrings from Splendor shop.
And we stopped at CVS to buy rubber bands for our hair, we're not that fabulous (or weird) that we go running with our hair down.
Except Dad. He runs with his hair down.  

On Sunday, I just looked busted. This was not an outfit to document. 
Unless you're talking about my favorite dishtowel from lucylucybangbang
Glory likes to carry around her dishtowel, like me:).   
 I may not teach her how to look cute for church but she'll know how to dry a dish! 

MONDAY WENT UNDOCUMENTED. it wasn't pretty. 

Tuesday brought a Target trip: 
shirt was an old hand-me-down from my friend Staci, about 4 years ago.
Jeans from Goodwill. 
Starbucks from Starbucks. 

So ya'll. I'm trying. 
Don't laugh at me. 
Maybe one day, I'll get to the point where the pictures are pretty & the sun is shining. 
Or maybe I won't. 
But I hopefully will be wearing less yoga pants.