one percent: hearts over mirrors

Hi friends. Today, I asked one of our sponsors, Kelli from More Bang for your Bucks, to share some more 1% changes with us, since her contribution last month was so inspiring! I hope you're as blessed and challenged by this post as I am! Also, if you're interested in being a sponsor on Naptime Diaries - email us or check out more details here

Hi ladies! Good to see you again. Last month I shared with you about seeking small changes in our spending habits in order to help others. I hope you were able to implement some of the ideas and make a difference!

Today, however, I have something much different on my mind. 

These girls. I love them so much. And already I am thinking about how they will be as teeneagers. (eek!) How I want them to pursue inner beauty instead of acclaim for their outer beauty. (Which as their mama, I do believe they possess some of that as well!)

This got me thinking a lot this past week.  As women in this culture, we are constantly bombarded with advertisements to look better, be skinnier, and appear younger than we really are. Constantly. There is a multi-billion dollar beauty industry. Women obviously put a lot of stock (literally!) into their appearance.

And I love getting prettied up for my man. Every woman I know likes a sincere compliment from the people in our lives. But really, in the grand scheme of things, this massive effort some of us put into our beauty regiment is so unimportant! It won't lead souls to Christ. It won't feed the poor. It won't make our children happier.

I want my girls to have a healthy view of outer beauty. Because it could all go away in an instant. A car wreck. A fire. Whatever. But nothing can take away the work we put into our hearts, unless we let it. So. Am I modeling this concept to them? Do I put more focus on my face and clothing size-  or whatever it is that distracts me- than my heart? This doesn't even necessarily mean pursuing beauty.

Ladies? Let's examine our hearts each day, before we scrutinize ourselves in the mirror. Ask God to show you what he would have you weed out. I am going to join this challenge with you. Because honestly, most days, the first thought on my mind is what I am going to wear for the day (At least before kids it was. ha!). What the kids will eat for breakfast? What 1389382083 things do I have to do today.

But really, what I should do is ask God what he would have me do that day. Check my heart to see if my motives in pursuing my activities are pure and God-honoring. If they will have eternal significance.

Join me in this challenge, will you? And let me know how it goes.

PS- can I let you in on a little secret? He makes ALL things beautiful in his time. I can't wait!

PPS I have launched a new line in my newly (re)opened Etsy shop called Pure Reflections. They are small mirrors featuring Bible verses pertaining to inner beauty. I would love if you would check them out. I really feel God put this desire in my heart to make art that will remind women what is important. I am so excited about this!

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