introducing BabEblessings

Hey ya'll! It's my pleasure to 
introduce Jac from BabEblessings today! 
Hope you love getting to know her as much as I have!

Tell us about your blog! 
I’ve blogged for quite a while, but when we decided that we were ready to start our family I decided to start a blog strictly dedicated to our family and our babE. I started writing about trying – but that didn’t take too long. So then it was more about the normalcies of pregnancy, until bedrest happened. And from then on it was about our struggle with bedrest and growing the strongest babE we could for as long as we could. Now after babE G has arrived I blog about everything. From my ‘granola’ tendencies with cloth diapering, to postpartum depression, working full time and everything that affects our life as new parents.

Tell us more about your family.
The E family is Brian aka Super Dad, Grayson or Bean or Magoo or whatever sounds cute at that moment and Me. Brian and I have been married for 3 years. Brian’s an amazing man who works hard for us. He’s an accountant by day, super awesome husband by night. Grayson joined us in January, a few months early. He’s the light of my life, well other than Brian. Then there’s me, Jac. I work in finance. There was talk of me staying home, but after almost a year at home, I’m back at work. I went back to work early because the right opportunity popped up and I couldn’t refuse. Here in the great white north we get 12 months of Maternity leave. We have three sets of Grandparents for G. Gramma and Grandpa S, Grandma and Grandpa L, and Gemma and Geppa E. And numerous Aunties and Uncles, a few actually related.

What are the issues/passions that keep you up at night?
My passions have changed a lot in the last few years. But the thing I am most passionate about is keeping my bedrest moms going. I’m still really active in the bedrest community I found when I spent 11 weeks in bed growing Gray as long as I could. I went through every emotion possible, often all in the same day. So now I make sure that I’m there for the women that are where I was, and supporting them when I can. Gray and I have our prayer list for when he’s nursing, and most of it is bedrest moms, or new moms who were on bedrest. My girls always pop into my mind and I wonder how they’re doing. Now I do as much as I can for the bedrest community, and I love knowing that even just chatting with a bedrest mom and letting her know that I’ve been there and I truly understand and I do really care can make her day.

What has surprised you most about this life? 
Everything about this life surprizes me. I’m amazed every day that I’m so blessed to be married to such an amazing guy. I never ever thought I deserved a man as amazing as Brian. I’m amazed that out of all the cheese and bread and peanut butter I ate; Grayson appeared! But the thing I’m most surprized about is that I’m so grateful for where I am. Every day I see more things to be grateful for. I never thought I would be grateful to be washing diapers, or cleaning up baby puke off every step to the main floor, or the remnants of a love note off the mirror. In the last year I have become so much more aware of the little things.

What are some big things you dream about? 
I dream about life in 10 years. Brian and I will be married for 13 years, Gray will be 10, and we’ll have another little one with us, somewhere between 10 and 1. My dad will have a new set of lungs and a new lease on life. We’ll be in our forever house, not our starter house anymore. I wonder where we’ll be living, if we’ll still be close to our family or half way across the world. Will my sister and I still be super close? Will my brother have more kids? I dream about the example that Brian and I will be for our children of what marriage is. How Brian will be teaching Gray how to treat his mom, and his future wife. How if we have a little girl I’ll be teaching her how to make perfect mac and cheese with bacon for her Dad, and her future husband. 

precious. Thanks Jac for sharing with us!
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