(not so) new years resolutions

Um, is anyone else terrified because September is halfway over? Isn’t it still spring? 
Didn’t we just start 2011? No? Just me?
Back in January when I wrote my goals for 2011, I thought it would be wise to revisit them in July, half way through the year. Oops.
But better late than never, right?
Here they are:

family hike this weekend. which has nothing to do with 2011 resolutions:)
Run two half marathons:  Well, I ran one on March 5th and I’ll definitely run another one this fall. I don’t know that I’m going to run a sanctioned half marathon race, because I’m doing another race with my sister – but I’ll definitely run 13.1 consecutive miles sometime in the next two months as I train for my marathon in January. In all honesty - sometimes (mostly while running), I doubt that I’ll be able to run that whole marathon. But I’m just going to train as faithfully as I can and let the Lord sort out the rest.  So, ½ done on this goal.
Attend Healthy Living Summit. I made this goal when I thought I’d be doing more food/health blogging and I sort of steered away from that. And I won’t be going to any other blog conferences this year. Which I feel ok about. I’m praying 2012 will be the year of (one) blog conference. Goal relinquished.
Guest blog/write for other sites 5 times. Hm. I haven’t kept track. I can think of at least two blogs I’ve done guest posts for. Maybe more, but 2 for sure.  I’ve got one request in my inbox right now. Any other takers? 2/5 of this goal done.
Cultivate my gentle tongue. I’ve been using a phrase heavily with one of my discipleship huddles to explain my life. REDEEMED FAILURE. There is for sure failure, but I’m hopeful to see the Lord redeem it. I would say my tongue has gotten less gentle and less patient than the beginning of this year. I’ve just begun to confess this and ask for heavy accountability around me. I’m excited to see the Lord’s redemption.
Only buy thrift store clothing all year. I wrote an update on that here. I will also tell you there was a very potential weak moment with my sisters at Forever21 recently. Who knew Forever 21 had gotten SO fashion forward?! But I held strong and bought some nail polish instead. This is one goal that has been easy & enjoyable to stick to.
Take at least two weekends away with Nick this year. We got one long, glorious weekend in Boston. That was seriously some of the most needed and beautiful days of my whole life. We had two nights in Pawley’s Island for a church planting conference, but I’m going to be honest – I had just found out I was miscarrying and I was in awful shape. Awful. I’m hoping for a do-over before 2012.
Have people over for dinner every other week. I feel fully convicted by my lack of accomplishment here and I’m making my list for dinners RIGHT NOW.
Work on cultivating & using my spiritual gifts. I’ve thought about this some and seen some fruit here, but I want to dig in more. More on this later.
Refine my veganism & clean up my eating. Took some massive backward steps in this area and have just started to gain some ground back. More this later as well.
Reopen an Etsy shop selling graphic prints. Yes! Done! One completely done goal!
Bulk up my prayer life. I think I’ve walked toward some progress in this, but it’s so good to be reminded to press in and keep walking.
Go to Seattle. Best-case scenario, I combine goal number six with this one. If finances and childcare align JUST RIGHT. October 27th is Nick and I’s 10 year anniversary of being a couple and we’re praying for a trip around then together.
Learn how to use our camera better. Fail. I haven’t even started. I use the iphone for everything. Also, this may get pushed back to 2012 and I’m ok with that.
Become a better card sender. I haven’t even started. So glad to have looked back at these goals! That is something I really want to conquer this year.
Finish the life journal Bible reading plan. Ok. I will not finish on time. But I haven’t given up! I love my YouVersion Bible reading app, because when I miss scheduled Bible readings, I don’t feel tempted to give us because I’m behind – I just ask YouVersion to catch me up and I don’t miss out. So, total honesty= I’ve only completed 31%, but I feel dedicated to finishing in 2012.
Come up with a better system for answering emails. I think I might have a much more efficient system, but I would not say that it’s the healthiest system for me.  I’m going to post soon about my “work hours” and how we’re figuring out the schedule for me to be a fully-involved and dedicated stay-at-home-mom while also running a blog & shop. I don’t really have anything to offer except don’t-do-this-tips. It seems that the answer is have 100 unanswered emails at a time or literally have no personal downtime or rest time. I’m trying to find a healthy balance there. The only thing that really seemed to help is when my big sister told me to get over myself and stop writing such long response emails. Bahahahhaa! She was right!

my girl and her Daddy watching football. She doesn't care a thing about emails:).
Well, that was a rather lengthy recap on my 2011 goals.
Really, in life and in work and in parenting and in EVERYTHING, I’m learning that there is ALWAYS work to do. There is always room for growth. So I’m going to just praise Him for the growth He has brought and asked for much more “redeemed failure” in the future.
How about you?
What were your goals? How are they going? 
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