oh my achin' heart

I was that mom who dreamed about preschool. 
When Elias was about a year old, I started looking at preschools in Washington state. How much were they? How long did they go? What educational value did the offer? I would make jokes about how preschool couldn't come soon enough. 
I want to punch that three years ago Jessi in the mouth today. 

A few months ago, we decided it was definitely time. Preschool was definitely right for Elias and he was craving school like no other. We knew if he went and Glory didn't, I'd be getting punched in the mouth. (sidebar: where does she GET that violent behavior?!) And so we researched and prayed and put our names on the list. 

And wait, hold up. Is it already September? 
Well, then I suppose it's time for this. 

pre-preschool breakfast

do they HAVE to go? 

i suppose so. 

males of the world, I'm warning you now. Forget her dad. She will CUT you.
toddler ladies. sure, he's handsome and all, but all that hair?!
he'd have to go for haircuts like once a month. his dad sure does.

oh Lord. They're yours. 

So we did lots of talking about salt & light. 
A meet-the-teacher day. 
A few "school supplies" trips to make Benja feel like he's in the cool crowd. 
One sweet bebe may not have made it the whole first day. 
They had FANTASTIC second & third days. 
And just like that, we're a school family. 

Elias LOVES school. He's a natural. 
Glory tentatively loves school. I will say this, I'm incredibly impressed each time I come to pick her up and peek in her class and see her sitting on her spot on the reading rug. For like FOUR MINUTES STRAIGHT. 
Benja, obvi, loves them going to school. I may have set a bad pattern because the past two days he's asked to go to Target and Starbucks, specifically. Oh lawdy. 
And me, I love school. I feel like I'm definitely a school mom. 
I love the early mornings, the three hours with just one kiddo, how precious they are when they return. Somehow Elias has quadrupled in smartness, Glory's cuteness has exploded all over this earth, and Benja... welllllll, we already knew I was his biggest fan. 

And this is our new life. 
And I'm thankful. 
pppppps: have you seen this new print
It is literally my fave so far & I printed one for myself ASAP & framed that puppy. 
Also, the past few weeks, I've been working on a lot of baby announcements, shower invites, and custom prints and I'm falling back in love with custom work. Have a project you need done? Contact me

oh, and this one too!

Happiest of Fridays to you friends. 
Call on His great name!